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Mining equipment and services : latest news

Read more about what we do in terms of mining equipment and services for the mining industry. We are experts in distribution and maintenance of mining equipment for mining companies. Mining spare parts, mining mechanical parts, mining undercarriage, mining drilling equipement, mining rebuild programs, mining welding and maintenance of your mining machines. We solve mining production issues for the mining industry with a large choice of brands : Berco, Esco, Caterpillar, Volvo, Liebherr, etc.

Rebuild of a D9 track frame

Our team is rebuilding a D9 track frame in our Warehouse at Sorgues, France in order to bring it back to life.

Discover some of the parts that will be needed to rebuild this track frame. We will present you in a few weeks the work done by our experts.

Thanks to our Partinium® product range, we can offer to our customers rebuilds at a lower cost.

Stay tuned to see the evolution !

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You can contact our team to have more information about our rebuilds on

Discover the path of the component that will be rebuild by our team in France.

Our team is able to rebuild components to extend the life of your machines.

The components are delivered to the customer’s site and guaranteed thanks to the report installation made by our expert.

If you also want to rebuild components of your machines, you can contact our team on or on

Our technical visit in Guinea

Some pictures of an intervention during which our experts carried out the inspection of a WA900 bucket.

Our experts come to your site to assess your machines and make improvements. They can bring you information thanks to their knowledge.

If you want more information, you can contact our team on or on

Our team of mining experts in Africa

Our team of mining experts in Africa

Our various experts are present in Burkina Faso, in Ouagadougou. They allow our customers to have a mining expert able to answer the problems concerning their mining machines.

Discover the specificities of our experts

We will introduce you to our mining experts who will be available to advise you on your different types of mining equipment: heavy mining equipment, mining drilling machine, excavator undercarriage, underground mining, ground engaging tools, etc.

Vincent : he is a mining area manager. He will help you find the best products and services for your mining equipment. You can discover a complete article about Vincent. His field of action covers Guinea, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Saiouba: he knows the Ouagadougou warehouse like the back of his hand! He is a warehouse clerk and is in charge of preparing your products so that you receive them as quickly as possible. He prepares mechanical parts, GETs, undercarriages,components, mining wear parts. All these mining products are then sent to your workshops to be assembled on your mining machines.

Claude: he is responsible for logistics and customs. He makes sure that the transport of goods is done in the best possible conditions. It allows a reduction of the delivery times and costs. He also takes care of the international transport of goods.

Alpha : he is a driver and plays an important role in the delivery of our mining products.

Tidiane: he is responsible for the Ouagadougou warehouse and ensures that mechanical parts, mining components, mining wear parts and mining undercarriage are stored in the best conditions and can be available when our customers need them.

Adja: she is an accounting assistant. She manages the suppliers’ invoices and takes care of the payments and transfers.

Rosalie : she is an administrative and customs assistant. She works closely with Claude and makes sure that our mining products are delivered to our customers in good conditions, also when it is a reception or an international sending.

Séverin : he is a cart driver. He ensures the movement of our mining products within our warehouse in Ouagadougou. This allows our team to manage the shipment of our mining products.

Our team offer you 24/7 maintenance for your mechanics mining equipment in West Africa.
Or more about maintenance for mining equipment.

Partinium: a brand new engine

Partinium: a brand new engine

Discover our new engine for backhoe loaders made of our Partinium® components. We delivered this engine directly on site to our customer in Guinea.

We also offer solutions for small engines.


The engines are available from stock.

🤝Thanks to our customer for their confidence.

For more information, contact our team at or

Discover a technical visit

Discover a technical visit

Our team made a technical visit to support a customer in Africa.

They realized:

📑Engine and transmission data collection
✔️Transmission calibration
🛢️Injector calibration

Our technical squad is available to support customer in the way to optimize machine life and performance.

Thank you to our customer for his confidence!

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information at

Find our stock present in Dakar

Find our stock present in Dakar

Our team offers various products and services available for sale in our warehouse in Dakar.

We have chosen to offer you mining mechanical parts and mining wear parts which are made available to you quickly to limit the duration of your machine downtime and reduce your machine maintenance costs. Our team of mining experts is available in Dakar to advise you in the choice of your mining products for your mining machines. Discover our solutions for your mining machines!

Our mechanical parts for your mining equipment

Our team of technicians and mining experts are at your disposal to advise you on the mining products that are necessary for your activity. Our large stock of mechanical parts is compatible with all types and brands of mining equipment and will therefore enable you to find the product that meets your needs.

Our Partinium® range for your mining equipment

Our experts also offer you products from our Partinium®  range. These products respect the technical characteristics of the original assembly and allow you to reduce your maintenance costs for your mining equipment. Our Partinium® range includes Partinium®  batteries and Partinium® harnesses that are available for sale.

Our Berco mining products

We provide you with Berco mining products, which includes undercarriage parts. Berco® offers a complete range of undercarriage solutions for the mining industry.

Discover our tiled chains in our stock in Dakar. These mining products from the Berco range are dedicated chains for your mining machines.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our products and services on

Feeback: find out what the mining team can do

Feeback: find out what the mining team can do

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers we have been able to transfer parts from Guinea to Senegal. ➡️

We have a great flexibility of supply from our different platforms. This allows us to meet the needs of our customers and to reallocate our stocks where they are needed.

💪🤝Thank you to our customer for his confidence and to our team present on site !

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Good job mining team!

Undercarriage: back in pictures

Undercarriage: back in pictures

One of our customers in West Africa has trusted us to change the undercarriage of its PC 2000. This undercarriage will allow this excavator to be as productive as possible!

Our solutions allow you to reduce your production costs through lower costs per hour.

Thank you to our customer for his confidence.🤝

If you want to change your undercarriage, you can contact our mining team on or on

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