Our mission and mining solutions

Haladjian Mining propose mining parts, mining equipment, mining components and services. Our mission is provide our customers a secure supply for their mining wear parts, a reliable service team to reach the lowest total cost of ownership for their assets. Our society is a 60 years old global service provider of mining solutions, mining applications and mining rebuild programs for the mining industry.
Discover some of our products and our services:

Mining Wear Parts

Mining Wear Parts

Official ESCO® distributor for more than 30 years, we provide ESCO® Ground Engaging Tools, Cutting edges and Buckets for all top mining equipment manufacturers

Mining undercarriage

Mining undercarriage

Official BERCO® dealer in several countries, for more than 40 years for BERCO® range of undercarriage components including track chains, rollers, idlers and sprockets

Mining mechanical and electrical parts

Mining mechanical and electrical parts

60 years of experience in mining mechanical and electrical parts sourcing to provide our customers genuine spare parts for CATERPILLAR®, LIEBHERR®, VOLVO®, KOMATSU®

Mining component program

Mining component program

We make it simple and easy for you with a complete range of rebuild options to ensure machine performance and maximize downtime

Safety Storage, Transfer & Environment

Safety Storage, Transfer & Environment

We can work together to implement turnkey solutions for large volume storage and distribution projects

Health, Safety & Waste management

Health, Safety & Waste management

Solutions to improve operational safety and radiation protection on the mines

Mechanics mining equipment

Mechanics mining equipment

Our team of highly skilled mechanics provides multi brand field maintenance for your mobile fleet.

Mining welding expertise

Mining welding expertise

We share our welding expertise to help your maintenance team with your bucket repair and performance improve

Drill experts

Drill experts

A team of experts specialising in drill rig on-site maintenance delivering filed support on all surface drilling applications

Training and mentoring mining

Training and mentoring mining

We guarantee specific technical training and knowledge sharing with your teams.
Our trainers are OEM trained and have a strong field experience.

Stock Management Support

Stock Management Support

Reduce the TCO of your equipment commodities with tailor made stock & procurement contracts.

News and events mining solutions

Haladjian mining team wishes you a happy new year 2022

experts of haladjian mining

Happy New Year to all from our Haladjian mining team!

We wish you a wonderful year 2022 filled with projects, happiness, and success on personal and professional level. More determined than ever, we remain attentive to your needs and accompany you over your projects.

May 2022 be a year of prosperity, health and joy for you, your family and your colleagues.

Haladjian mining offers you different ranges of products:

-mechanicals parts

component and mining rebuild program

-mining wear parts

-mining undercarriage

Haladjian mining also offers you different services:

-mechanics mining equipment

-mining welding

-assistance and training

-stock management support and planning

If you want more information about our products and services, contact Haladjian Mining Team on mining@haladjian.fr


Mining components rebuild: the solution to extend the life of your machines

rebuild of an engine, a mining comppnent

Mining components rebuild: the solution to extend the life of your machines

The rebuild of your mining components proposed by our Haladjian Mining team is a program that aims to extend the life of your machines by reconditioning them. We offer different Haladjian mining component rebuild programs

-mining rebuild kit

-mining component rebuilt

-mining component outright

-mining component exchange (PEX)

The mining components rebuild is a service we offer that allows our team to recondition your own mining component. The mining component parts are inspected to see if they meet OEM specifications. If they do not, our team exchanges the mechanical parts and mining wear parts and sends your mining component back to you. We offer products from our Partinium range which will allow you to reduce the cost of purchasing parts. 

The benefits of a mining components rebuild

The mining components rebuild is a real alternative and offers real advantages:

-it doubles the life of your machines and therefore avoids you to invest in a new machine

-it reduces the downtime costs of your mining equipment

-It allows you to be part of a responsible approach by giving a second life to your machine

Our mining team for your mining components rebuild

Our Haladjian mining team are multi-brand experts at your disposal to offer you the best mining component rebuild for your machines. When you have decided to have your mining components rebuilt, our team carry out the rebuild in our rebuild center where our experts have mechanical parts and mining wear parts.

You want more information about our rebuild of your mining components? Contact our team on mining@haladjian.fr

Our expertise in mining welding for your mining machines

mining expert in welding

Our team of mining experts is regularly trained in order to increase their skills in welding and to be able to offer our customers expertise that is necessary for their mining activity. In order to maintain your mining machines, it is important to carry out more or less critical repairs of your buckets.

 Respect for mining welding procedures: a guarantee of quality

Our technical team is able to study the wear of your machines and propose mining mechanical and electrical parts for electric mining machines. Aware that the good condition of your machines is essential for your mines to operate, we do everything possible to reduce your machine downtime and the costs that this can entail.

Haladjian certification for our mining welders

Haladjian certification is awarded to mining welders who are tested throughout a process that validates their skills and enables them to provide real expertise in welding. This certification ensures that our customers have a welding expert who can best repair the mining welds on your equipment. The expertise of our mining welders is also passed on to your on-site technicians who can then bring all their knowledge to your mining services.

Expertise in mining machines or maintenance of your mining machines: our experts are with you

The good quality of your welds is an important part of your buckets because without it, your activity is stopped. Our field experts are able to carry out expert assessments of your machines and suggest maintenance operations to be carried out.

Our Haladjian offer in mining welding expertise for your buckets

Our offer is divided into 4 main steps

-On-site evaluation of your mining welding needs

-Production and delivery of detailed 3D diagrams

-Manufacturing or refurbishing of your mining buckets through our component and mining rebuild program

-Monitoring of fuel consumption, production, and maintenance costs.

You can discover our complete mining welding expertise and contact our mining experts at mining@haladjian.fr


Haladjian Mining team, multi brand experts

Our team of multi brand experts is working with the best manufacturers of mining spare parts and mining mechanical parts for the mining industry: Berco® mining products, Caterpillar® mining equipment, Volvo® mining equipment, Liebherr® mining equipment, ESCO® mining products, etc. We provide you with the best parts for your mining equipments: dozers, excavators, trucks, drill rigs... Our mining multi brand team will be helping you to keep your heavy mining equipment powering 24/7.

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