The Esco tooth systems: mining tools made for better productivity

Esco tooth systems: wear parts made and designed for the mining industry

esco tooth system

The Esco® tooth systems will help boost the productivity of your mining activities. The efficiency of your mining production will rely on your equipment resistance to wear and on its lifespan. It is the reason why Esco® is fully committed to designing and making the best mining tooth systems possible for your mining buckets.

An Esco® tooth system will assure maximum functionality and durability of its penetrative capacities while standing up to abrasion and impacts whether it is used for mining excavation, mineral extraction or even underground mining. As a result, you will be able to extend the longevity of your wear parts for mining equipment and have more effective digging or extraction capacities in the long run.

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The Esco tooth systems will allow you to spend less time in maintenance

Maintenance downtime of your mining equipment is a big issue. Esco® wants you to spend less time on your machine and more on the job. This is the reason why Esco® has developed mining buckets tooth sytems that integrate hammerless locking technologies that will allow you to replace, repair or upgrade your mining tooth easily.

Not only is the mining equipment maintenance process facilitated but it will take place in safer conditions thanks to step-by-step manipulation. Our assistance and training service for mining industry will help your mining workforce build on maintenance and risks awareness skills thanks specifically to our ground engaging products experts.

Haladjian Mining will supply you with a complete range of mining tooth systems

We have chosen for you two examples of some of the Esco® tooth systems with which we could supply you for better mining productivity and safer working conditions around heavy mining equipment.

Esco tooth SV2 System

esco tooth system sv2
  • Easy to pin-on, safe, hammerless system
  • Less risk of injury from metal shards
  • Improved penetration: tapered tooth/tooth carrier assembly with good distribution of wear material
  • Increased tooth service life: up to 75 % of wear material on the latest profile

Esco Ultralok Mining Tooth System

esco tooth system ultralok mining
  • Safe system with hammerless keying
  • Improved digging performance
  • Simplified tooth replacement
  • Reduced machine downtime

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