Caterpillar 988 BXY Wheel loader

The Caterpillar 988 BXY Wheel loader is a model of a long serie of 988 Caterpilar loaders. The production of this series started in 1963 and has never stopped ever since. This mining equipment has proved over the years its efficiency and the role it plays alongside operators in mines.

Like all the 988 loaders, this mining equipment has high payload capacity and a powerful engine. Enough power for the Loader to be efficient and highly reliable.

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    The bucket’s capacity is designed for higher productivity and the advanced hydraulic system contributes to smooth and precise control of the loader for the operator. Mining operators that have access to many helpful functionalities like spacious cabs, adjustable seats, and intuitive controls. Improved working conditions will help productivity and comfort of operators overall. The Cat Wheel Loader 988 BXY is great equipment to have around your mine operations.

    Haladjian Mining is a mining company that can help you keep key elements of the Caterpilar 988 BXY Loader in good condition through the supply of mining wear parts, mechanical parts and mechanical components.

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