The Caterpillar Dozer D9R WDM is a large heavy-duty bulldozer designed for demanding applications in the mining industry. It’s renowned as one of the most popular large track-type tractors, known for its power, durability, and versatility. The first D9R Dozer went into operation in 1995, and ever since, it has been used in mining operations worldwide.

Over the years, various versions and series of the D9 bulldozer have existed, all sharing the original’s hallmark traits: efficiency, ease of handling, and resistance to wear. However, this mining equipment requires regular maintenance and repair operations to prolong its lifespan and maintain productivity, particularly when it comes to essential mining mechanical components.

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    Haladjian Mining is the mining company that can help you keep key elements of the Caterpillar D9R WDM in excellent condition through the supply of mining wear parts and mechanical components. Our teams of mining experts are dedicated to handling machine maintenance and providing spare parts for your mining equipment. We offer a wide range of expertise in dealing with the D9R WDM Dozer, addressing most needs related to D9R mining components.

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