Steering Clutch 103-6291

Steering Clutch 103-6291

Steering Clutch 103-6291 and brake for D9R WDM

D9R ZDM: Steering Clutch

A steering clutch is a component found in mining vehicles like heavy machinery vehicles such as tracked machines, bulldozers and crawler tractors. Its primary function is to control the direction of the vehicle by selectively engaging and disengaging power to each track independently, allowing the vehicle to turn.

Steering clutches play a vital role in controlling the direction of tracked vehicles, providing operators with the ability to maneuver effectively in various applications.

For Dozer D9R WDM.
Available. Departure from France.

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    Steering clutch particularities

    Here are some key points about steering clutches:

    Functionality: Steering clutches work by controlling the power transmission to the tracks on either side of the vehicle. When one track is powered and the other is disengaged, the vehicle turns in the direction of the powered track. By alternatively engaging and disengaging the clutches on each side, the operator can manoeuvre the vehicle effectively.

    Design: Steering clutches typically consist of multiple friction discs and steel plates housed within a clutch pack assembly. When engaged, the friction discs are pressed against the steel plates, transmitting power from the engine to the tracks.

    Operation: The operator controls the steering clutches using a lever or pedal within the vehicle’s cab. By manipulating the clutch controls, the operator can adjust the speed and direction of the vehicle. Modern steering systems may also incorporate hydraulic or electronic controls for more precise operation.

    Steering clutch spare parts and components

    Like any mechanical component, steering clutches require regular maintenance to ensure proper function and longevity. This includes periodic inspection, lubrication, and adjustment of clutch components. Over time, friction discs may wear out and require replacement, and adjustments may be needed to maintain proper clutch engagement.

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