Maintenance services for the mining industry

Why invest in mining equipment maintenance programs?

Maintenance for mechanics mining equipment is a crucial factor in mining operations. The mining industry deals with heavy mining equipment used for challenging and demanding mining processes, both underground and on the surface. These tasks exert stress on materials and can potentially cause damage. Moreover, if not inspected regularly, these repetitive mining operations can lead to weaknesses in materials and wear of essential mining parts and mechanical components. Minor wear and tear can escalate over time due to constant use of the mining equipment.

Consequently, maintaining mining equipment is essential to keep mining operations under control and prevent production stoppages due to repairs and breakdowns. It’s also a matter of worker safety since they are at risk when operating with faulty mining equipment, which could result in accidents. More about Maintenance for mechanics mining equipment.

A comprehensive range of mining equipment maintenance services

Maintenance for mining equipment made by Haladjan

Haladjian Mining Solutions, a company specialized in supplying mining equipment like mining wear parts or mining mechanical parts and services to the mining industry, recognizes the risks involved and the significance of implementing preventive maintenance programs for mining and mechanical equipment. That’s why our mining experts are qualified to perform maintenance operations on heavy mining equipment, including hydraulic mining shovels, mining trucks, large dozers, and large wheel loaders. Our expertise extends beyond machinery to cover all types of ground-engaging tools such as buckets, cutting teeth, blades, and cutting edges.

Haladjian Mining Solutions offers a comprehensive array of mining equipment maintenance services for all types of mining equipment requiring regular preventive maintenance throughout their lifecycle. For instance, we provide mechanical services ranging from occasional assistance with mining mechanical parts to tailored service contracts. Additionally, we offer multi-brand services for all your mining equipment, including CATERPILLAR®, KOMATSU®, VOLVO®, and more. Our services include maintenance for mechanics mining equipment, mining welding or mining equipment stock management. We also provide 24/7 maintenance solutions. In Africa, for example, our network of dedicated workers helps mining companies through our mining services, equipped with industry knowledge and experience. Our services are designed to ensure uninterrupted equipment operation. Whether you need maintenance or repairs, our highly skilled tradespeople guarantee top-quality work with swift turnaround times. You can rely on us for a safe and professional approach, adhering to OEM standards.

Conversion of your mining equipment and supply of wear and mechanical parts

Should the need arise for new wear and mechanical parts, our supply services will ensure you have access to spare parts whenever and wherever needed. Our components for mining rebuild program for mining and mechanical equipment also goes beyond maintenance, offering a dedicated service for converting your mining equipment. This approach extends the lifespan of your heavy mining machinery and ground-engaging tools, enhancing your efficiency and productivity in mining operations. Our rebuild program assists in managing expenses and minimizing downtime. The failure of a single mining component does not necessarily mean the entire equipment has reached the end of its operational life. As part of our mining component rebuild service, our team rebuilds defective mining components following OEM specifications, ensuring the same quality as new components.

How to maintain your mining equipment in good shape?

Our mining equipment experts are available to assist with maintenance needs. In the meantime, to ensure the health and longevity of your mining equipment, we have compiled some tips that will help you maintain smooth mining operations:

  • Ensure your mining equipment is properly lubricated.
  • Regularly inspect the wear and tear of your mining equipment.
  • Keep your equipment clean.
  • Train your teams to handle and care for the equipment.
  • Implement scheduled maintenance tasks.

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