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At first a key player of parts distribution in the Construction industry, the group has expanded its field of operations to become a global service provider for Mining.

Haladjian was established in 1962 by Pierre Haladjian. Being a mechanic, he first started to buy surplus components, spare parts and mechanical parts to repair, and started to trade parts. Today Haladjian is an independent multi-specialist and multi-market family group that distributes on a large scale mining wear parts, mechanical parts for example and that provides services like mining welding, stock and assistance and mining component and parts rebuild programs for the mining industry.


Haladjian Group, gouvernance and ambition

Today, the 3th generation of the Haladjian family is leading the Group. Facing new challenges, the company plans to leverage the deep expertise of the specialized team to bring scalable solutions like mining welding services or mining stock management, support and planning to meet the changing needs of construction, quarry and mining industries. The company will continue to make investments in emerging technologies in order to bring innovative solutions to meet the customers’ challenges.

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Haladjian Mining, missions and mining solutions

Haladjian Mining proposes mining parts, mining components and services for mobile mining equipment. Our society has been a global service provider of mining solutions, mining applications and mining construction components and equipment rebuild programs for the mining industry throughout the last 60 years.

Our mission is to provide our customers a secure supply for their mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts, and a reliable service team to reach the lowest total cost of ownership for their assets.

That’s why we conduct our West African operations the closest from where our client’s mining production activities take place. Our warehouse in Ouagadougou and our team of mining experts in Burkina Faso, allow us to be reactive and efficient in problems solving issues. We can conduct operations through west african countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, Mauritania and make sure you have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Haladjian is committed to providing you with mining solutions wherever your operations take place. 

Discover some of our products and services: mining wear parts, mining undercarriage, mining welding,mining mechanical parts, mining electrical parts, mining component program, etc.

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