The Volvo A 45 Articulated Hauler is a mining vehicle designed for heavy hauling in demanding off-road operations. With a payload capacity of 41,000 kg and a body volume of 25.1 m3, the vehicle offers continuous productivity conditions with on-board technology. The articulated hauler mixes operator comfort and efficiency for sustainable operations.

Powered by the Volvo D16J engine, the A45G boasts a maximum engine gross power of 357 kW. The hauler has lower maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Maintenance is made convenient with essential service points accessible from the ground. The front grill swings down, revealing a practical service platform, while the electric hood opens to 90 degrees, providing full access to the engine compartment.

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    Rebuild transmission 9000022443 for Articulated A45G Transmissions are mechanical devices that alter the speed or orientation of mining machines. They are vital components of mining machines. Machines such as the articulated Hauler A…
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    It offers ease of service with high payload capabilities without compromising power and performance. Functions such as cruise control, downhill speed control, and hill assist make operating the A45G a seamless and efficient experience. The smart design of this articulated hauler reduces fuel consumption for more payload capacities.

    With a centrally positioned operator, excellent suspension, and spacious visibility, operator fatigue is minimized, leading to more effective operations. The Volvo A45 Articulated Hauler is a mining equipment that combines power and efficiency to meet the demands of the toughest off-road environments.

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