Mining welding expertise

Supporting miners to improve their annual yield while reducing machinery downtime and operating costs is our goal. Whether you require bucket expertise or maintenance, a mining welding team to execute planned critical repairs or additional protection for your bucket, Haladjian can deliver the mining welding expertise and extra team required to ensure you get the best maintenance and upgrade of your equipment in a safe and professional manner.

Being the dealer of ESCO®‘s in Africa, we provide ESCO® mining buckets and protections along with on-site mining welding service. ESCO® mining hoe engineered are specifically designed to deliver high production in all applications and are available in heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty versions with capacities ranging from 4 to 45 cubic yards.

Haladjian mining welding expertise, what do we offer ?

  • On-site assessment of your mining welding needs with result-oriented approach
  • Production and delivery of specifications and detailed 3D diagrams
  • Manufacture or refurbishment of your buckets by mining welding specially adapted to your operationnal challenges and working conditions
  • Performance supervision, analysis and monitoring of fuel consumption, production and maintenance costs​

Mining welding expertise

The mining welding team

Building a team of highly skilled, motivated service people, to offer support you can count on for your equipement and ready to work without delay.

  • Mining welding experts
  • Mining welders

We are growing and supporting a team of mining welding specialists that are able to work along with your team with the basis of all works being conducted safely and efficiently.

  • Work in adherence to mining welding procedures and specified deadlines​
  • Systematic quality control before leaving the bucket workshop​
  • Check of adherence to specifications, of the quality of the work and the assembly produced​

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