Esco lip systems: solutions for all mining activities

The Esco® lip systems: wear parts designed to fit all mining needs

A mining vehicle equipped with an Esco lip system

Esco® has developed lip systems that will protect your buckets whichever mining application you use them for. Esco® has been a major player in the mining industry for over a hundred years and thanks to this longevity has developed and engineered breakthrough innovations in mining machinery equipment. As a result of this long-industrial experience, there is an Esco Lip system adapted to the daily use of all types of mining buckets.

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Effectively, the mining industry has at its disposal, a large range of Esco Lip systems that will adapt to all mining needs and configurations. They will protect your machines from unnecessary wear while preserving productivity. Esco’s expertise in the design and the production of mining wear parts like shrouds, cast lips and tooth systems will guarantee the best lip systems overall.

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As a multi-brand expert in mining equipment and an official Esco® dealer, Haladjian Mining teams know exactly what type of Esco® lip assembly will improve key performance indicators like stress distribution across the lip, penetration capacities and digging power on any mining machinery like excavators, cable shovels and wheel loaders.

Here are two Esco® lip systems about which we want mining actors to know more about.

Zoom on the Esco® Ultra Edge LHD and the Esco® Nemysis Lip systems

The Esco® Ultra Edge LHD Lip system

UltraEdge LHD Esco lip system

ESCO’s new UltraEdge™ shroud system sets the new standard in underground LHD applications with a sophisticated and well-designed lip configuration. Suitable for any bucket width, the Ultra edge LHD shroud system has already proven itself to be efficient. This underground mining lip system increases the shroud lifespan by 66 % and generates up to 25% reduction in operating costs of ground engaging tools.

The sharper profile of the Ultra Edge Esco lip system improves penetration capacities of all underground mining machinery and reduces energy use in the long term.  In the end, the Esco Ultra Edge LHD lip system guarantees maximum productivity, a more reliable retention thanks to multiple retainers with less maintenance to achieve to reduce the change out time.  Esco provides shrouds of a large variety of sizes that suit all type of lip width.

The Esco® Nemysis Lip system

Nemysis Esco Lip system

With the Nemysis system, Esco® brings to the actors of the mining industry a new integrated lip, shroud and tooth system that is lighter, stronger, safer, and more reliable. All components are engineered to work together and to achieve the highest standards. The system adapts to the cast lip base and provides better performance in all mining activities.

For example, this Esco® lip system will improve the productivity and carrying capacity of your mining machines.  The contoured shaped lip will reduce peak stress by a minimum of 12% while the shrouds and adapters will cover up to 77 % more area on the frontal lip edge. Overall, mining machines will reduce their fuel consumption by 6,5 % and the GET related downtime will decrease by 67%

The Esco® Nemysis Lip system is available in four different sizes to fit any mining application. If you are Interested in knowing more, contact our sales team to define which size best suit your mining needs.

Esco® supplies also Esco tooth systems for all mining applications.

Haladjian Mining is an official Esco® distributor for all mining equipment such as mining engine parts, Esco’s mining shrouds, mining excavator buckets, etc…

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