Mining equipment stock management support

Whatever your core industry is, you may need an efficient service in order to help you optimize your mining equipment stock: mining mechanical parts, components for mining applications, ground engaging tools, heavy mining equipment, mining engine parts, mining welder, excavator undercarriages, etc.

Haladjian provides contract agreements with a right balance between your financial stock level ratio and production KPIs

  • Standardization of GET and tools for your fleet
  • Recommendation on mining wear parts, GET planning and mining mechanical parts
  • Establishment of a buffer stock, stock replenishment

With that service, we can deploy express supply in case of machine breakdown.

  • HALADJIAN BURKINA FASO warehouse in Ouagadougou
  • HALADJIAN SENEGAL warehouse based in Dakar
  • HALADJIAN FRANCE (Headquarter Global Stock)

Other options for some emergency requests :

  • HALADJIAN PARIS – CDG Airport – Logistic Hubs
  • Logistic warehouse in New Jersey – Englewood – USA

Human organisation to success for your mining applications

From the first phase of the project, customers will benefit from the support of a project Team including engineers and supply chain management specialists

  • Project Manager
  • Mining Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Demand Planning & Requisitions
  • Logistics Operations

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