Torque converter GP 1639364

Torque converter GP 1639364

Torque converter GP 1639364 For Dozer D9R WDM

For Caterpillar Dozer D9R WDM.
Rebuilt. Torque converter bench test to insurance optimal quality.
Available. Departure from France.

A torque converter serves as a crucial mechanical apparatus, functioning as a form of fluid coupling or hydraulic coupling essential for transmitting rotational mechanical power from a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine, to a rotating driven load.

In the context of the Caterpillar Dozer D9R, the torque converter GP 1639364 assumes a pivotal role as a key mechanical component. Haladjian Mining specializes in the refurbishment of mechanical components, breathing new life into mining machinery parts.

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    Positioned between the engine’s flexplate and the transmission, the torque converter collaborates with forwarders on heavy-duty machines tailored for mining operations.

    Our team of mining experts excels in servicing all varieties of mechanical components, boasting expertise in maintenance and rebuilds. When addressing the Caterpillar Dozer D9R‘s torque converter GP 1639364, our workforce focuses on at least three pivotal rotating elements: the impeller, mechanically driven by the prime mover; the turbine, propelling the load; and the stator, strategically positioned between the impeller and the turbine.

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