Transmission 597-2591

Transmission 597-2591

Transmission 597-2591 For Dozer D9R WDM

A transmission is a mechanical device used to alter the speed or orientation of a mining machine, making it a vital component of mining equipment. Machines such as the Dozer D9R WDM may encounter issues with components like transmissions due to wear and tear over time.

In such cases, replacing the damaged mechanical component with a refurbished transmission can be a prudent choice. Haladjian’s Mining experts specialize in providing clients with Dozer D9R WDM transmissions that are refurbished to a like-new condition.

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    This enables mining companies to better manage the lifespan of their machines and improve productivity in their mining operations. Utilizing a refurbished Dozer D9R transmission can prevent extended production stoppages caused by machine downtime.

    Haladjian Mining is a mining company that can help you keep key elements of the Dozer D9R WDM in good condition through the supply of mining wear parts, mechanical parts and mechanical components spare parts.

    Our teams of mining experts are dedicated to handling machine maintenance. We offer a wide range of other mining expertise.


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