Track Frame 381-4190

Track Frame 381-4190

Track Frame 381-4190 for D9R WDM

D9R WDM for Track frame 3814190

Track frame components and parts are fundamental to the operation and structure of tracked vehicles, such as bulldozers, excavators, and tanks. These components support the tracks and distribute the weight of the vehicle, allowing it to move over various terrain types while maintaining stability.

For Dozer D9R WDM.
Rebuilt. Track frame LH and RH 3814190 and 3814191.
Available. Departure from France.

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    Essential track frame components

    Essential track frame components include:

    Track Chains: Track chains are a series of interconnected links that form the continuous loop around the drive sprocket and idler at the front and rear of the vehicle. They provide traction and support the weight of the vehicle.

    Track Shoes/Pads: Track shoes are the outer part of the track assembly that meets the ground. They are typically made of durable materials like steel or rubber and help to distribute the vehicle’s weight over a larger surface area to prevent sinking into soft terrain.

    Track Rollers: Track rollers are wheels that support the track chains and guide them along the track frame. They are typically mounted on the track frame via a shaft and rotate as the track moves.

    Idlers: Idlers are located at the front and rear of the track frame and provide tension to the track chains. They help maintain proper track tension and alignment, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing wear on the tracks.

    Sprockets: Sprockets are toothed wheels located at the ends of the track frame that engage with the track chains. They transmit power from the drive system to the tracks, causing them to rotate and propel the vehicle forward or backward.

    Track Frame Rails: Track frame rails are the main structural components of the track frame. They provide support for the track chains, rollers, idlers, and other components, distributing the vehicle’s weight and resisting the forces encountered during operation.

    The rest of track frame essential components include track adjusters, bushings and pins, track frame guards, and track frame mounting hardware.

    Final Drive spare parts and components

    These components work together to provide the necessary support, traction, and mobility required for tracked vehicles to operate effectively in diverse environments and conditions. Regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of worn or damaged parts are essential to ensure the reliability and longevity of the track frame assembly.

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