Final drive 185-7593

Final drive 185-7593

Dozer D9R WDM: Final Drive component

A final drive is a crucial component responsible for transmitting power from the mining machine’s transmission to the wheels or tracks. It is typically located at each wheel or track, and its primary function is to convert the rotational power from the transmission into the linear motion required to propel the heavy equipment machine.

The final drive is an assembly of gears in the back axle of rear-wheel drive vehicles and in the front axle of front-wheel drive vehicles. The last set of gears in the drive train is the final drive.

For Dozer D9R WDM.
Available. Departure from France.

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    Final drive particularities

    Key aspects in mining machines’ final drive include:

    Power Transmission: Final drives are designed to handle the high torque and power requirements of mining equipment, which often operate in challenging conditions such as steep gradients, uneven terrain, and heavy loads.

    Durability and Reliability: Due to the harsh operating environments encountered in mining operations, final drives must be rugged and durable to withstand constant use and exposure to dust, debris, moisture, and abrasive materials.

    Reduction Gear: Final drives typically incorporate reduction gearing to increase torque output while reducing rotational speed. This allows the machine to generate sufficient tractive effort to move heavy loads and navigate challenging terrain efficiently.

    Sealing and Protection: Final drives are equipped with seals and protective covers to prevent contamination by dust, water, and other contaminants. Proper sealing is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of the final drive assembly.

    Final Drive spare parts and components

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