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Mining machine tracks for mining machines

We provide and deliver tracks for mining machines. Our expertise will provide you with a full service assistance from the choice to the delivery of your mining machines tracks for your mining equipment. We stock and deliver a full range of mining material for the mining industry. Read more about what we do.

Our expertise in mining welding for the mining industry equipment

Our expertise in mining welding for the mining industry equipment

Our team of mining experts is regularly trained in order to increase their skills in welding and to be able to offer our customers expertise that is necessary for their mining activity. In order to maintain your mining machines, it is important to carry out more or less critical repairs of your buckets.

Respect for mining welding procedures: a guarantee of quality

Our technical team is able to study the wear of your machines and propose mining mechanical and electrical parts for electric mining machines. Aware that the good condition of your machines is essential for your mines to operate, we do everything possible to reduce your machine downtime and the costs that this can entail.

Haladjian certification for our mining welders

Haladjian certification is awarded to mining welders who are tested throughout a process that validates their skills and enables them to provide real expertise in mining welding. This certification ensures that our customers have a welding expert who can best repair the mining welds on your equipment. The expertise of our mining welders is also passed on to your on-site technicians who can then bring all their knowledge to your mining services.

Expertise in mining machines or maintenance of your mining machines: our experts are with you

The good quality of your welds is an important part of your buckets because without it, your activity is stopped. Our field experts are able to carry out expert assessments of your machines and suggest maintenance operations to be carried out.

Our Haladjian offer in mining welding expertise for your buckets

Our offer is divided into 4 main steps :

  • On-site evaluation of your mining welding needs
  • Production and delivery of detailed 3D diagrams
  • Manufacturing or refurbishing of your mining buckets through our component and mining rebuild program
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption, production, and maintenance costs.

You can discover our complete mining welding expertise and contact our mining experts at


200th bucket assessed with our Application

200th bucket assessed with our Application

Our mining team has developed an application to support its customers by giving technical recommendations on the mining bucket conditions, managing the bucket inspections, and implementing a maintenance strategy for bucket repair.

We have just completed the 200th audit!

Thank you to our customers who have trusted us for over a year.

If you want to get more information about our Bucket assessment, contact our mining team at They will also provide you with many information about all mining wear parts you might need information about.

WA Epiroc RDT Rock drilling tools Business Partners Days

WA Epiroc RDT Rock drilling tools Business Partners Days

A first meeting was organized by the WA Epiroc dealers in Bamako – Mali. Two members of the West Africa Haladjian team were there – Olivier MARTY and Sébastien RIQUE.

They had the chance to participate to a complete presentation of the Epiroc RDT product lines.

A big thank you to the Epiroc team for taking the time to organize this training session and product presentation.

They are going back home filled with confidence and empowered to dare to think new and excel as Epiroc Ambassadors!

We will put to good use the network we have gained with our new WA partners!

This recent event and the precious contacts we have initiated with many mining manufacturers like Epiroc allow us to be reactive and efficient wherever our clients are.

Our mining experts based in West Africa conduct operations through countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea and Mauritania. Whatever the country you operate from, we make sure you always have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts.

Haladjian Mining is Epiroc’s partner.

Study of the wear parts for your machines

Study of the wear parts for your machines

We have been asked to make a study on a wear package for UG dump truck TH663i buggy.

For this, our team went on site in order to take all internal dimensions using a portable 3D scan.

The dump truck had been completely washed and cleaned, stocked under the workshop shelter to allow good use on the lasers of the scanner.

Measures completed in 8 working hours.

Our retro engineer could make the 3D drawing for the next step : implement appropriate wear kit.

Well done Mining Team!

Do you remember? Discover the result of the D9 track frame rebuild

Do you remember? Discover the result of the D9 track frame rebuild

Few weeks ago we showed you the rebuild of this D9 track frame which was done in different steps. The rebuild is now finished, discover the result!

Expertise of the track frame
Complete dismantling of the track frame

Setting up :

-New bogies pin and bogies minor
-New pads
-New idlers and rollers
-New bearings frame
-New tracks adjusters
-Seals frames and bearings
-New sleeves on frame front
-Commissioning parts

All this was done thanks to our team and our Partinium products!

Well done Mining Team!
You can contact our team on

Discover a technical visit

Discover a technical visit

Our team made a technical visit to support a customer in Africa.

They realized:

📑Engine and transmission data collection
✔️Transmission calibration
🛢️Injector calibration

Our technical squad is available to support customer in the way to optimize machine life and performance.

Thank you to our customer for his confidence!

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information at

Find our stock present in Dakar

Find our stock present in Dakar

Our team offers various products and services available for sale in our warehouse in Dakar.

We have chosen to offer you mining mechanical parts and mining wear parts which are made available to you quickly to limit the duration of your machine downtime and reduce your machine maintenance costs. Our team of mining experts is available in Dakar to advise you in the choice of your mining products for your mining machines. Discover our solutions for your mining machines!

Our mechanical parts for your mining equipment

Our team of technicians and mining experts are at your disposal to advise you on the mining products that are necessary for your activity. Our large stock of mechanical parts is compatible with all types and brands of mining equipment and will therefore enable you to find the product that meets your needs.

Our Partinium® range for your mining equipment

Our experts also offer you products from our Partinium®  range. These products respect the technical characteristics of the original assembly and allow you to reduce your maintenance costs for your mining equipment. Our Partinium® range includes Partinium®  batteries and Partinium® harnesses that are available for sale.

Our Berco mining products

We provide you with Berco mining products, which includes undercarriage parts. Berco® offers a complete range of undercarriage solutions for the mining industry.

Discover our tiled chains in our stock in Dakar. These mining products from the Berco range are dedicated chains for your mining machines.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our products and services on

Feeback: find out what the mining team can do

Feeback: find out what the mining team can do

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers we have been able to transfer parts from Guinea to Senegal. ➡️

We have a great flexibility of supply from our different platforms. This allows us to meet the needs of our customers and to reallocate our stocks where they are needed.

💪🤝Thank you to our customer for his confidence and to our team present on site !

Discover all our products on

Good job mining team!

Undercarriage: back in pictures

Undercarriage: back in pictures

One of our customers in West Africa has trusted us to change the undercarriage of its PC 2000. This undercarriage will allow this excavator to be as productive as possible!

Our solutions allow you to reduce your production costs through lower costs per hour.

Thank you to our customer for his confidence.🤝

If you want to change your undercarriage, you can contact our mining team on or on

Berco tracks frame and Partinium Parts Rebuild Program

Haladjian Mining provides mechanical parts and wear parts to its mining industry clients and partners. We are also experts in mining welding and components mining rebuild services. A great collection of expertise that able us to be successful in any rebuild program on heavy mining machinery like excavators, dozers, drilling machines or articulated trucks.

But also, when working on mining machine tracks like it is the case in this situation with Berco mining equipment such as the D10 tracks frame. A few weeks ago, we started the rebuild of a D10 tracks frame with Berco SPA and Partinium® parts. This rebuild program took place in Haladjian’s rebuild center. An infrastructure that allows us to be fully equipped and prepared to any intervention on heavy mining equipment.

Our teams of mining experts were successful in achieving their goal and the rebuild D10 tracks frame has been sold to one of our mining customers in Burkina Faso.

A new start for a second life!

Learn more about our rebuild programs by reading our articles about other mining equipment rebuild projects on a  777 Caterpillar®or on a 6020B stick. Read more information about our rebuild center and check all our articles about Haladjian’s mining conversion operations and on our Berco mining equipment expertise.

Want to know more about our Africa mining services and access  more information about our services of supply of wear parts, mechanical parts and mining undercarriages ? We are also experts in mining welding, ,mechanics mining equipment, and in assistance and training for mining operations.

More about engines for mining trucks.

Contact us to discover our offer at or call the +33 490 39 39 23.

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