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Read about our Africa mining services and our african based mining experts that operate in countries such as Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea and Mauritania. Our warehouses in Senegal and Burkina Faso help us manage our stocks of mining equipment and provide our customers wherever their mining activities are with the best mining equipment.

Welding Certifications and Qualifications 

Welding Certifications and Qualifications 

Haladjian Mobile Equipment: Welding Training and Certifications in West Africa 

Haladjian Mobile Equipment is proud to announce the launch of a welding training sessions in West Africa. As part of our ongoing commitment to support local industries, we are offering training sessions aimed at enhancing skills in the maintenance and repair of mining equipment. 

The Importance of Welding Quality 

In the field of manufacturing and construction, the quality of welds is crucial to ensure the strength, safety, and durability of structures and finished products. Welding qualification is the essential process that ensures welds meet the highest standards and specific project requirements. 

Understanding Welding Qualification 

Welding qualification is much more than a formality. It is a complex process involving several critical steps, from material selection to documenting the results. 

What is Welding Qualification? 

Welding qualification involves assessing the ability of a welder, a welding method, and equipment to produce welds that conform to specific criteria. These criteria may include industry standards, customer specifications, or regulatory requirements. 

Standards and Regulations 

To ensure compliance and quality of welds, various standards and regulations are established in the industry. These standards provide precise guidelines on qualification methods, tests to be performed, and criteria to be met for accurate welding qualification. There are many of them (position, material, welding process, thickness). 

Training Program 

This time, our program had place in Dakar, Senegal, and consists of two distinct sessions, each with two training booths. Here is an overview of the program: 

  • 1 day of preparation: Participants prepare their own piece cutting, grinding, chamfer tack weld … 
  • 2 days of intensive training: Participants practice the skills they have acquired under the supervision of experienced trainers. 
  • 2.5 days of certification: Participants undergo a rigorous certification process, with a total of 12 certifications obtained by each participant. 

Certifications and Qualifications 

Certifications are issued by the prestigious Bureau Veritas, ensuring international recognition of the skills acquired. Participants will be qualified for maintenance and repairs of mining equipment, including work on buckets and blades. 

12 certificates have been obtained per technician.

Welding Techniques 

Participants will be trained in 4 main welding processes: 

  • 111 – basic coated electrode E7018-H4 or E7018-1H4 for SMAW process licence. 
  • 136 – flux-cored wire with slag E71T1 for FCAW process licence. 
  • 135 – solid wire ER70S-6 for GMAW process licence. 
  • 138 – flux-cored wire (Metal cored) E70T15 for FCAW process licence.

These techniques are essential for effective and durable repairs of mining equipment. 

In Conclusion 

All candidates have the potential to become proficient in this discipline with the correct training and tooling Any development plan start with a workshop. 

Assesment to be sure than appropriated tooling will be available for the training. After workshop assessment each trainees will be asses to build in collaboration with the maintenance manager an individual training plan. 

Rebuild of the stick of a 6020B hydraulic shovel

Rebuild of the stick of a 6020B hydraulic shovel

Our team of mining experts based in West Africa conducted the reconditioning of the stick of a 6020b caterpillar hydraulic shovel. Our mining rebuild program provided in this case a great illustration of its efficiency. The job took place in the pit of one of our West African clients‘where the mining equipment was of some importance to the pit’s productivity.

At the pit, our team of skilled technicians dismounted and removed the stick out of the pit to spend some time on it.  First, our job consisted in cutting off the plates to do an internal inspection of the 6020b stick. After a carefully conducted inspection, we repaired the mining shovel component by giving back to it the aspect of a brand-new hydraulic shovel stick.

Our mining welding experts specially trained to work on ground engaging tools pieces did a great job. The goal of this operation and the others to come is to reinforce the resistance of any mining wear part after years of services.  Because to control expenses and minimize downtime, it is advised to continually explore all options to get the most out of heavy mining equipment. Our vision is that because a single mining component is failing, it does not mean that the entire piece of equipment has come to the end of its work-life.

As you can see, the 6020b stick was ready to go back and rejoin its hydraulic shovel for the best of our client’s business. Our mining rebuild program provided to our client the best service possible. Haladjian Mining is a mining company specialized in providing wear parts and mechanical parts to the mining industry while we have also developed services of mining welding, mining rebuilds and mechanics for mining equipment. We have a solution to any of your mining production problematics. Read more articles about our mining equipment reconditioning achievements with equipment such as the D9r engine or the 777 Caterpillar.

The Haladjian group puts women in the spotlight!

Today is International Women’s Day! The Haladjian Group highlights a few women working within the company. Discover below the interview of Beatriz T., the Procurement Manager of the Haladjian Mining department.

Beatriz, could you please describe your study background and career experience in a few words?

“After graduating from high school, I entered the Faculty of Law in Madrid (Spain). I studied three years and then I decided to put my university studies on hold to live with my family in Jakarta (Indonesia) for three years. When I returned, I resumed my studies for two years and obtained my Law degree. When I arrived in France, I went to the University of Avignon to learn French. As my Law degree gave me the right to open a Real Estate Agency in France, I decided to follow a real estate negotiator training at the CCIA (Avignon Chamber of Commerce and Industry). But I left for Paris to follow my husband, so I abandoned this project. I lived in Paris for 5 years where I got my first job in a Purchase Department as a Buyer in a company specialized in industrial lightning. Then, I left this job to go to Renault in Clamart. After 5 years in Paris, we decided to come back to the South of France, where I started working for Haladjian in March 2006, on an information system migration project. Today, I have been working within the company for 16 years, first as a Key user and then as a Procurement Manager.”

What position are you in today? Can you describe it to us briefly? What do you like about your job?

I am responsible for the parts flow of one of the main Haladjian suppliers. The biggest difficulty of my job is to have the parts arriving at the right time trying not to overload the stock. I have a double hat, because I also manage the supply flow to feed our subsidiaries in Africa, Senegal, Burkina Faso and soon the Ivory Coast. What I like in my job is the challenge to obtain a balance between the goods flow to guarantee the best customer service rate and, at the same time, to keep a moderate stock level to avoid a strong financial immobilization.”

How do you feel about working in a male environment? Did you have to impose yourself or did you find your place naturally?

“Unfortunately, we are not at all on an equal footing with our male colleagues. This is more pronounced in the south, where being a woman and a foreigner did not make my job any easier. I was able to impose myself through the rigor and seriousness of my work by demonstrating factually that the company could trust me.”

How do you manage your role as a mother and your professional career on a day-to-day basis?

“The most complicated time to manage my family and professional life was the 5 years I spent in Paris, where I had my two young children, and we were very far from our families. But between my husband, other moms and day care we got through it.”

What advice would you give to young women who are about to enter the professional world?

“This quote sums up very well what I would like to advise young women: “The accomplished human being is the one who has the strength and the courage to change what he can change, the serenity to accept what he cannot change, the wisdom to make the difference between the two””

A big thank you to Beatriz for this interview, for the time she took answering these few questions and for her kind words to young ladies!

Find the testimony of the women of the Haladjian Group: Haladjian Industrials Solutions, Haladjian Minerals Solutions, Haladjian Construction France, Haladjian Group.

WA Epiroc RDT Rock drilling tools Business Partners Days

WA Epiroc RDT Rock drilling tools Business Partners Days

A first meeting was organized by the WA Epiroc dealers in Bamako – Mali. Two members of the West Africa Haladjian team were there – Olivier MARTY and Sébastien RIQUE.

They had the chance to participate to a complete presentation of the Epiroc RDT product lines.

A big thank you to the Epiroc team for taking the time to organize this training session and product presentation.

They are going back home filled with confidence and empowered to dare to think new and excel as Epiroc Ambassadors!

We will put to good use the network we have gained with our new WA partners!

This recent event and the precious contacts we have initiated with many mining manufacturers like Epiroc allow us to be reactive and efficient wherever our clients are.

Our mining experts based in West Africa conduct operations through countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea and Mauritania. Whatever the country you operate from, we make sure you always have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts.

Haladjian Mining is Epiroc’s partner.

Our technical visit in Guinea

Some pictures of an intervention during which our experts carried out the inspection of a WA900 bucket.

Our experts come to your site to assess your machines and make improvements. They can bring you information thanks to their knowledge.

If you want more information, you can contact our team on or on

Our team of mining experts in Africa

Our team of mining experts in Africa

Our various experts are present in Burkina Faso, in Ouagadougou. They allow our customers to have a mining expert able to answer the problems concerning their mining machines.

Discover the specificities of our experts

We will introduce you to our mining experts who will be available to advise you on your different types of mining equipment: heavy mining equipment, mining drilling machine, excavator undercarriage, underground mining, ground engaging tools, etc.

Vincent : he is a mining area manager. He will help you find the best products and services for your mining equipment. You can discover a complete article about Vincent. His field of action covers Guinea, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Saiouba: he knows the Ouagadougou warehouse like the back of his hand! He is a warehouse clerk and is in charge of preparing your products so that you receive them as quickly as possible. He prepares mechanical parts, GETs, undercarriages,components, mining wear parts. All these mining products are then sent to your workshops to be assembled on your mining machines.

Claude: he is responsible for logistics and customs. He makes sure that the transport of goods is done in the best possible conditions. It allows a reduction of the delivery times and costs. He also takes care of the international transport of goods.

Alpha : he is a driver and plays an important role in the delivery of our mining products.

Tidiane: he is responsible for the Ouagadougou warehouse and ensures that mechanical parts, mining components, mining wear parts and mining undercarriage are stored in the best conditions and can be available when our customers need them.

Adja: she is an accounting assistant. She manages the suppliers’ invoices and takes care of the payments and transfers.

Rosalie : she is an administrative and customs assistant. She works closely with Claude and makes sure that our mining products are delivered to our customers in good conditions, also when it is a reception or an international sending.

Séverin : he is a cart driver. He ensures the movement of our mining products within our warehouse in Ouagadougou. This allows our team to manage the shipment of our mining products.

Our team offer you 24/7 maintenance for your mechanics mining equipment in West Africa.
Or more about maintenance for mining equipment.

Find our stock present in Dakar

Find our stock present in Dakar

Our team offers various products and services available for sale in our warehouse in Dakar.

We have chosen to offer you mining mechanical parts and mining wear parts which are made available to you quickly to limit the duration of your machine downtime and reduce your machine maintenance costs. Our team of mining experts is available in Dakar to advise you in the choice of your mining products for your mining machines. Discover our solutions for your mining machines!

Our mechanical parts for your mining equipment

Our team of technicians and mining experts are at your disposal to advise you on the mining products that are necessary for your activity. Our large stock of mechanical parts is compatible with all types and brands of mining equipment and will therefore enable you to find the product that meets your needs.

Our Partinium® range for your mining equipment

Our experts also offer you products from our Partinium®  range. These products respect the technical characteristics of the original assembly and allow you to reduce your maintenance costs for your mining equipment. Our Partinium® range includes Partinium®  batteries and Partinium® harnesses that are available for sale.

Our Berco mining products

We provide you with Berco mining products, which includes undercarriage parts. Berco® offers a complete range of undercarriage solutions for the mining industry.

Discover our tiled chains in our stock in Dakar. These mining products from the Berco range are dedicated chains for your mining machines.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our products and services on

Out mining stock in Africa

We offer a wide range of components available for sale in Ouagadougou.

Our stock present in Africa allows us to be reactive and to deliver our customers quickly, allowing them to maintain or increase their productivity.

We offer these components available for sale:

-Transmission D9R
-Torque convertor
-D9 engine
-Track frame of D9 and of D10

We also have other products available for sale.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information at

Mining welding, reconversion of a fleet in West Africa

Our mining welding team, based in West Africa, is currently working on a fleet conversion. The deal with one of our customers is to convert 17 of his mining buckets. A client that has put his confidence into our mining experts that operate in many west African countries. Our team’s mining expertise allows us to provide fleet conversion services on many mining equipment to increase mining production performance and durability.

Haladjian Mining provides to its clients assistance and advices thanks to a large choice of mining services available like mining welding services, mining component and rebuild services, mechanics mining component and assistance and training services. Haladjian Mining supplies also mining wear parts, mining mechanical parts and mining undercarriage.

Our experts have already made the first WA800 bucket conversion with success. Our mining experts converted a lip with the Esco 65SV2 lip systems. The Haladjian teams are used of dealing with mining fleets conversions since they were successful in many recent operations like the rebuild on a 777 Caterpillar, and the rebuild of a D9R. Haladjian Mining is an official Esco dealer. Check our pages that present the Esco’s lips systems and the Esco’s tooth systems.

Mining welding and fleet conversion in West Africa

Haladjian mining services spread throughout West African countries

Haladjian Mining conducts its operations close to where its clients’ mining activities take place. Our warehouse in Dakar receives mining equipment that able our mining experts to transport the mining equipment wherever our clients are located.

Our West African based activities allow us to be reactive and efficient in problems solving issues. We can conduct operations through West African countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, Mauritania and make sure you have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Our warehouse in Ouagadougou is also a strong asset in our African activities. We manage and organize quick and efficient interventions to accomplish the missions that are assigned to our mining teams based in Africa.

Congrats to our welding team that operated on the recent WA800 bucket conversion! Marcelo, Ibrahim Aman, Barry and Vincent SOULAMA! By the way, have you already meat Vincent, our area manager in West Africa?

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Mining inspections in Ivory Coast : Inspection of a Liebherr R9200 bucket

Our Area Manager in Ivory Coast realized inspection on R9200 Liebherr Bucket, equipped with brand new ESCO Corporation Nemisys System N90.

Maintenance services for mining equipment

An inspection that took place in the context of Haladjian’s West African mining services. We do mechanics mining equipment maintenance, we deliver our expertise in mining welding work and provide assistance and training on several mining equipment and mining processes issues. Thus, throughout this intervention, our Ivory Coast area manager demonstrated his expertise in dealing with this type of ground engaging tool. Our team are OEM trained and are experienced in providing advice for mining industry companies in terms of mining wear parts distribution and mining equipment maintenance.

The new tooth and shroud systems : Esco Nemesys N90

Our mining expert had to deal with an Esco Nemysis N90 and demonstrate his skills by providing the right analysis and the right recommendations for a this Esco tooth system.

The Esco Nemesys mining tooth system is the latest of a large range of Esco mining ground engaging tools. New mining tooth and shrouds systems with rugged hammerless locking mechanisms, that help reduce maintenance costs through improved reliability, faster and safer replacement. The Nemisys mining tooth system offers also :

  • Four system sizes to fit large excavators, draglines and cable shovels
  • Slim profile lip and tooth system that requires less energy to dig
  • Up to 19% more usable wear metal on teeth for more uptime
  • Standard Duty lips weigh 17% less on average
  • 20% larger thrust face area on the system nose for better reliability
  • Contoured lip that reduces peak stresses by a minimum of 12%
  • Shrouds and adapters that cover up to 77% more area on the frontal lip edge

Want to know more about Esco’s tooth systems ? Read our page dedicated to the Esco tooth systems and their efficiency in reducing costs and raising the productivity of any mining equipment equipped with a bucket.

Haladjian Mining : assistance and maintenance services in West Africa

Haladjian Mining is active in Ivory Coast. We also conduct operations through other West African countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea and Mauritania. Our Warehouse in Ouagadougou allows us to be reactive and efficient in providing mining services to our customers.

Looking for a mining expert to take care of some of your mining equipment ? Feel free to contact Haladjian Mining : +33 490 39 39 23 or, and explain what type of mining services you need. We will make sure your issue is addressed by one of our mining experts

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