Haladjian Mining has been Epiroc’s partner for many years

Supply of Epiroc mining equipment & associated services

Epiroc: a global mining equipment manufacturer

Epiroc is a global manufacturer of mining equipment and a service provider for various mining activities, including underground mining, rock drilling, rock excavation, and surface mining.

Haladjian Mining
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The manufacturer is also active in sectors such as construction, quarrying, demolition, and recycling. Haladjian Mining, as an official Epiroc partner, supplies and supports its network of mining companies with Epiroc mining products and services related to the management of mining activities.

The range of Epiroc mining products spans from the manufacturing of rock drills to rotation units, while the mining company assists its customers with services such as custom-engineered solutions, fluid management solutions, and remanufacturing programs like hydraulic breaker refurbishment or overhaul programs for excavator attachments. Epiroc’s goal is to provide products and services that help actors in the mining industry achieve higher productivity, safety, and sustainability. The company produces equipment designed to help customers reduce operating costs, increase productivity, enhance equipment utilization, minimize environmental impact, and ensure the safety of their workforce.

Haladjian Mining: a mining equipment supplier and Epiroc dealer

Epiroc Partner Machines

Haladjian Mining facilitates its customers’ access to Epiroc’s mining products, such as rock drilling and rotation units, and provides mining spare parts for the repair and refurbishment of mining equipment. Epiroc and its partner in the supply of mining equipment parts and drilling equipment, Haladjian Mining, are committed to ensuring that Epiroc spare parts are supplied to as many mining mining centers as possible.

Haladjian Mining’s experts are available to assist any mining company in need of guidance regarding mining equipment and mining process issues. Specializing in welding services, mining wear parts, and mechanical parts supply, Haladjian Mining offers dedicated support for stock management and planning, especially when dealing with Epiroc mining products and mining applications. The close ties between our experts and the Epiroc teams keep us well-informed about the different Epiroc product lines, enabling efficient interactions with Epiroc product consumers. For instance, our West Africa team of mining experts maintain constant contact with our Epiroc partners in Africa, offering assistance and advice wherever mining companies need support with Epiroc mining equipment.

Our mining experts can also assist you with the replacement or repair of mechanical mining equipment components and parts, as well as provide training for your workforce on dealing with mining drilling machines, rock excavation equipment, mining buckets, crawler tracks, and mining safety procedures.

To learn more about the range of mining components Haladjian can provide, and to delve into our expertise in Esco mining products, please explore our articles and ressources.

For inquiries and further information, please contact us : Customer Support : +33 490 39 39 23 –   mining@haladjian.fr.

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