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The Mining Team wishes you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to our partners and clients

Haladjian Mining and its mining experts are pleased to end the year by wishing you a very Merry Christmas ! šŸŽ„

We hope the past year has been productive and accomplished in terms of mining projects management and support.

Mining equipment delivery

Once again, we have done our best to provide our clients and partners of the mining industry the mining services and assistance they deserve. Be sure of our commitment in providing quality mining mechanical parts and wear parts while our services of mining welding and mining equipment mechanics for the rest of year and throughout all 2021 ! Take care of you and your family!
And we hope Santa Claus bringing you a lot of presents šŸŽ…šŸŽšŸŽ

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Mining welding, reconversion of a fleet in West Africa

Our mining welding team, based in West Africa, is currently working on a fleet conversion. The deal with one of our customers is to convert 17 of his mining buckets. A client that has put his confidence into our mining experts that operate in many west African countries. Our teamā€™s mining expertise allows us to provide fleet conversion services on many mining equipment to increase mining production performance and durability.

Haladjian Mining provides to its clients assistance and advices thanks to a large choice of mining services available like mining welding services, mining component and rebuild services, mechanics mining component and assistance and training services. Haladjian Mining supplies also mining wear parts, mining mechanical parts and mining undercarriage.

Our experts have already made the first WA800 bucket conversion with success. Our mining experts converted a lip with the Esco 65SV2 lip systems. The Haladjian teams are used of dealing with mining fleets conversions since they were successful in many recent operations like the rebuild on a 777 Caterpillar, and the rebuild of a D9R. Haladjian Mining is an official Esco dealer. Check our pages that present the Escoā€™s lips systems and the Escoā€™s tooth systems.

Mining welding and fleet conversion in West Africa

Haladjian mining services spread throughout West African countries

Haladjian Mining conducts its operations close to where its clientsā€™ mining activities take place. Our warehouse in Dakar receives mining equipment that able our mining experts to transport the mining equipment wherever our clients are located.

Our West African based activities allow us to be reactive and efficient in problems solving issues. We can conduct operations throughĀ West AfricanĀ countries such asĀ Mali, Burkina Faso or SenegalĀ but alsoĀ Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, MauritaniaĀ and make sure you haveĀ a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Our warehouse in Ouagadougou is also a strong asset in our African activities. We manage and organize quick and efficient interventions to accomplish the missions that are assigned to our mining teams based in Africa.

Congrats to our welding team that operated on the recent WA800 bucket conversion! Marcelo, Ibrahim Aman, Barry andĀ Vincent SOULAMA! By the way, have you already meat Vincent, our area manager in West Africa?

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Comfort and safety for heavy mining machinery drivers

Haladjian Mining is a company that supports the mining industry. To do so, we supply and assist our clients with mining equipment like wear parts and mechanical parts and mining undercarriages. We are also experts in mining welding, in mechanics mining equipment, and in component and mining rebuild program services for your heavy machinery like excavators, dozers, drilling machines or articulated trucks. More about engines for mining trucks.

The efficiency of your mining equipment relies also on comfort and safety of your drivers. Our experts make sure not only that your heavy mining machinery is performant and well equipped, but they also make sure the mining workforce and especially drivers have access to the best material possible. That is why we have partnerships with manufacturers like GrammerĀ® and SearsĀ® that allow us to be able to provide comfortable and ergonomic seats that are resistant to the most extreme mining work environments.

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

International Miners Day !

The mining industry will be celebrating the international miners Day

Haladjian Mining and its teams of mining experts are happy to wish to all workers and to all companies of the mining industry a Happy International Miners Day! ā›ļø
Around the world, many miners celebrate December 4 as Miners Day and commemorate their patron St. Barbara, requesting her continuing protection for their daily work. Haladjian Mining fully associates to this day that celebrates the ingenuity and the efficiency of the mining workforce all around the world.

We partner with mining companies all around the world and supply them with mining wear parts, mining undercarriage and mining components for mining applications and rebuild programs. Our services of assistance to mining companies provide to our partners assistance in mining training and support in mining equipment stock management.

Happy Miners International Day from Haladjian Mining

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Underground Buckets re-equipped with the Esco LHD system

Haladjian Mining: mining expertise at the heart of your mining production challenges

Haladjian Mining is a mining company specialized in providing mining equipment and mining services to the mining industry. Recently, our mining experts conducted work on two LH621 and LH521 underground buckets. The objective was to upgrade the buckets with the LHD ESCO Corporation tooth and shroud system.

Hard work for easier production and better protection of the mining equipment that deteriorates faster in underground mining conditions. It is possible to strengthen your mining equipment with Haladjian Mining solutions. First, our mining experts and advisors will recommend you the mining wear parts, mining undercarriage and mining mechanical parts that suit best the type of mining equipment you use. They also know very well the impacts of minerals extraction on the resistance of you mining equipment. Your material might need new parts or just rebuild programs and maintenance planification. That is part of the services we offer to all our partners. We provide maintenance for mechanics mining equipment, mining welding expertise and mining equipment stock management support.

Rebuild solutions for your mining equipment life duration

We offer rebuild solutions in order to extend the life duration of your mining machines. Our rebuild programs function thanks to the combination of skilled technicians, state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech tools. It allows us to accurately assess your needs and perform timely and effective mining component rebuilds. We offer different solutions like:

  • Mining rebuilt kit: All you need to rebuild yourself the component for mining applications. Parts replace systematically by OEM Specifications
  • Mining component Rebuilt: Rebuild your own mining component by our team. Parts are inspected and charged additionally to the basis kit if they donā€™t meet OEM Specifications. This will take two or three month process.
  • Mining component outright: Available on shelves, no core return are needed.Costly downtime is limited to the time required to replace the failed mining component
  • Mining component Exchange (PEX):Ā Available ready to be send, component PEX limit downtime and reduced component costs. We send you mining component unit shipped for quick change out and customer core is send to Haladjian rebuild center. We repair and service to OEM specifications for next customer

Esco tooth and shroud systems

Haladjian Mining is an Esco official distributor of all type of mining equipment such as mining engine parts, mining shrouds, mining excavator buckets, etc. We are proud of being able to provide to all our clients the Esco Ultra Edge LHD Lip system. A shroud system that sets high standards in underground LHD applications with a sophisticated and well-designed lip configuration.

This undergroundĀ mining lip systemĀ increases the shroud lifespan by 66 % and generates up to 25% reduction in operating costs of ground engaging tools. The sharper profile of theĀ Ultra Edge Esco lip systemĀ improves penetration capacities of all underground mining machinery and reduces energy use in the long term. Our mining experts are trained to upgrade mining underground buckets like they did in this case. A success and a work well done that was sold and shipped to a customer in West Africa where Haladjian operates thanks to mining teams present in countries such as Burkuna Faso, Mali or Senegal. Read our pages dedicated to the Esco tooth or to the Esco Lip systems for more information about the mining equipment we provide to our clients.

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :onĀ or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Any question or enquiry please contact us

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