Mining welding services and solutions

Haladjian Mining covers your needs in mining welding services and expertise thanks to our welding team of experts. They operate where your production takes place. Check how you can reduce the downtime of your mining buckets with the maintenance, repairs and protection of your mining equipment by our team of welding experts.

Rebuild of the stick of a 6020B hydraulic shovel

Rebuild of the stick of a 6020B hydraulic shovel

Our team of mining experts based in West Africa conducted the reconditioning of the stick of a 6020b caterpillar hydraulic shovel. Our mining rebuild program provided in this case a great illustration of its efficiency. The job took place in the pit of one of our West African clients‘where the mining equipment was of some importance to the pit’s productivity.

At the pit, our team of skilled technicians dismounted and removed the stick out of the pit to spend some time on it.  First, our job consisted in cutting off the plates to do an internal inspection of the 6020b stick. After a carefully conducted inspection, we repaired the mining shovel component by giving back to it the aspect of a brand-new hydraulic shovel stick.

Our mining welding experts specially trained to work on ground engaging tools pieces did a great job. The goal of this operation and the others to come is to reinforce the resistance of any mining wear part after years of services.  Because to control expenses and minimize downtime, it is advised to continually explore all options to get the most out of heavy mining equipment. Our vision is that because a single mining component is failing, it does not mean that the entire piece of equipment has come to the end of its work-life.

As you can see, the 6020b stick was ready to go back and rejoin its hydraulic shovel for the best of our client’s business. Our mining rebuild program provided to our client the best service possible. Haladjian Mining is a mining company specialized in providing wear parts and mechanical parts to the mining industry while we have also developed services of mining welding, mining rebuilds and mechanics for mining equipment. We have a solution to any of your mining production problematics. Read more articles about our mining equipment reconditioning achievements with equipment such as the D9r engine or the 777 Caterpillar.

Our Welder team is growing!

Meet Emmanuel Kwasi who will be in Burkina for 1 year.

Currently he works on :
✔️PC1250 Bucket and PC2000 Bucket equipped with ESCO Corporation lips and GETs
✔️Daily measurements
✔️Change-out GETs with the team
✔️GET marking, weighing and storing
✔️Bucket Inspections (PC1250, PC2000)
✔️CTS Inspection (PC1250, PC2000, D375A)
✔️Technical recommandations

Warm welcome to Emmanuel!

Mining welding, reconversion of a fleet in West Africa

Our mining welding team, based in West Africa, is currently working on a fleet conversion. The deal with one of our customers is to convert 17 of his mining buckets. A client that has put his confidence into our mining experts that operate in many west African countries. Our team’s mining expertise allows us to provide fleet conversion services on many mining equipment to increase mining production performance and durability.

Haladjian Mining provides to its clients assistance and advices thanks to a large choice of mining services available like mining welding services, mining component and rebuild services, mechanics mining component and assistance and training services. Haladjian Mining supplies also mining wear parts, mining mechanical parts and mining undercarriage.

Our experts have already made the first WA800 bucket conversion with success. Our mining experts converted a lip with the Esco 65SV2 lip systems. The Haladjian teams are used of dealing with mining fleets conversions since they were successful in many recent operations like the rebuild on a 777 Caterpillar, and the rebuild of a D9R. Haladjian Mining is an official Esco dealer. Check our pages that present the Esco’s lips systems and the Esco’s tooth systems.

Mining welding and fleet conversion in West Africa

Haladjian mining services spread throughout West African countries

Haladjian Mining conducts its operations close to where its clients’ mining activities take place. Our warehouse in Dakar receives mining equipment that able our mining experts to transport the mining equipment wherever our clients are located.

Our West African based activities allow us to be reactive and efficient in problems solving issues. We can conduct operations through West African countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, Mauritania and make sure you have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Our warehouse in Ouagadougou is also a strong asset in our African activities. We manage and organize quick and efficient interventions to accomplish the missions that are assigned to our mining teams based in Africa.

Congrats to our welding team that operated on the recent WA800 bucket conversion! Marcelo, Ibrahim Aman, Barry and Vincent SOULAMA! By the way, have you already meat Vincent, our area manager in West Africa?

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Welding Work in Progress – Live from our welding workshop

Sandvik LH621 underground buckets conversion

Recently a client missioned our team of welding experts to work on their mining equipment. The goal was to proceed to the conversion of Sandvik LH621 underground buckets. The mission took place in our mining welding workshop where our experts worked with all the equipment and support needed.

The job consisted in several actions:
– Blades manufacturing
– Esco’s wear shoes corners installation
– Bucket’s wear protection fabrication and installation

A real work of experts in mining assistance and support. Haladjian Mining is a mining company that provides to its clients all type of mining services. We supply mining wear parts and mechanical parts for the mining industry and multiple services like components for mining rebuild program, mechanics for mining equipment and stock management and support.

Read our article about the bucket conversion with Esco tooth and lip systems.

Welding expertise and mining welding techniques training

Being a company of mining welding experts, Haladjian Mining provides to its clients training for its customers’ operators directly on the sites. It is especially the case for welding work when reparation and conversion of fleets are necessary to improve customers’ productivity on mining sites. But we provide to your workforce best practices in the manipulation of mining buckets, tooth and shroud systems. Our team of welding experts are OEM trained and will provide to you the best mining expertise training. All courses are a combination of theory and practical, conducted on your site. The courses are given in English or French, focused on the following subjects:


  • Part preparation process
  • Mining welding techniques (pre-heating, cutting, chamfering, etc.)
  • Replacement and mounting of blade assemblies
  • Adapter installation

Dumper lorry trailer bottoms

  • Replacement of anti-abrasion protective devices (steel shielding, stone-box, pin-on pads, rubber or PEHD coating)

Crawler tracks

  • Monitoring the wear of crawler tracks and of each component
  • Component replacement (rollers, wheels, pads, etc.)
  • Use of a track removal press

Safety and procedures

  • Awareness raising of risks of wear related to driving
  • Use of the proper tools
  • Optimisation of workshop optimization

Questions about our assistance and training mining program?

Our training program can be scheduled at your worksite upon request. Online materials and resources can be integrated into your own training programs. All our people are qualified technicians and engineers that can rapidly respond to your service and maintenance needs.

Il you want more information related to what Haladjian Mining services, read our articles about mining welding services and mining conversion services.

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Mining Welding Services, welding expertise for bucket conversion

Bucket conversion with Esco Tooth and Lip systems

Converting buckets with new lips and tooth systems is a process that needs expertise and experience with mining equipment. In the case of this customer, our welder expert converted the bucket of his mining equipment with the placement of new Esco tooth and lip systems. 

Check our pages dedicated to the Esco tooth and lip systems to have more information related to these ground engaging tools  in order to have a quick view of the mining wear parts that suit your expectations. But you still have to replace the material. 

No worries ! Haladjian Mining provides exactly what you need with mining welding services and its team of welders, experts of this type of work on mining equipment

This allows you to convert buckets and ground engaging tools with minimum  difficulty and little time consuming. How ? Because Haladjian Mining takes care of everything.

Not only, Haladjian Mining is the partner you need to provide you with mining wear parts and tooth and lip systems, but we also make sure you don’t have to take in charge conversion or welding work. The conversion is assured by our mining experts that are OEM certified

Mining Welding Services

Haladjian Mining services : assistance and training

Haladjian Mining provides services of mining wear parts distribution, mechanics mining equipmentstock management and support and assistance and training

The customer we worked for in this case was willing to get his team trained for best practices in the manipulation of mining buckets, tooth and shroud systems. This is why, while on the job, our welder expert provided to our customer’s team a training for them to improve their mining welding skills.

Because our assistance and training service brings technical expertise to help you increase the skills of your teams. Haladjian provides assistance and training for its customers’ operators directly on the sites. Our team are OEM trained and all are backed by our application, machine and product experts to deliver expertise across Mining Applications.

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Check our dedicated pages to the Esco tooth systems and the Esco lips systems in order to have a quick view of the mining wear part that will suit your expectations.

Welding expertise for mining conversion services

Welding expertise for mining conversion services

Mining industry needs constant equipment and machine assistance. It’s a matter of keeping productivity going while making sure machines are always operational and efficient. The Haladjian mining conversion program provides the type of assistance all mining company is looking for.

Whether you require some bucket expertise or maintenance or even a mining welding team to execute planned critical repairs, Haladjian can deliver the mining welding expertise  required to ensure you get the best maintenance and upgrade for your equipment.

It is what one of our welding experts did through the Haladjian mining conversion program for this Esco lip assembly that needed upgrading. Our highly skilled technician used all his skills to fulfill his mission which consisted in extending and reinforcing the productivity and the resistance of this crucial mining wear part.

This came after a careful analysis of the customers’ needs. Generally, our mining assistance consists in four main steps:

  • On-site assessment of your mining welding needs with result-oriented approach
  • Production and delivery of specifications and detailed 3D diagrams
  • Manufacture or refurbishment of your buckets by mining welding specially adapted to your operational challenges and working conditions
  • Performance supervision, analysis and monitoring of fuel consumption, production, and maintenance costs​

The mining conversion program of Haladjian Mining has been developed to support miners in the improvement of their annual yield while reducing machinery downtime and operating costs.Haladjian Mining provides also mining rebuild services or training and assistance services for the mining industry. Check other articles about what we do in terms of mining conversion and what kind of Esco equipment we are specialized in.

Check our dedicated pages to the Esco tooth systems and the Esco lips systems in order to have a quick view of the mining wear part that will suit your expectations.

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