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Rebuild program

Our Rebuild Program helps you to extend the component life by meeting the same safety, quality and rentability as a new engine.
Haladjian is equipped to rebuild and test all component of largest equipment.
The process handled by Haladjian:
✔️ Our Logistic department brings the components to our Rebuild center in France
✔️ Our technician team inspects the component, beginning with a thorough cleaning of every component and ending with rigorous testing to ensure quality, information that are gathered in a report
✔️The component is ready to go back home with a 1-year warranty.

Thanks to our customer for his trust on the A45 Transmission rebuild component.

Our Welder team is growing!

Meet Emmanuel Kwasi who will be in Burkina for 1 year.

Currently he works on :
✔️PC1250 Bucket and PC2000 Bucket equipped with ESCO Corporation lips and GETs
✔️Daily measurements
✔️Change-out GETs with the team
✔️GET marking, weighing and storing
✔️Bucket Inspections (PC1250, PC2000)
✔️CTS Inspection (PC1250, PC2000, D375A)
✔️Technical recommandations

Warm welcome to Emmanuel!

Underground mining buckets

As part of the signing of our VMI, Ground engine tool (GET) and Tracks contract in Guinea, our team is fully committed to the conversion of 15 Machines.
✅ Lip conversion in ESCO 75SV2 in PC2000
✅ Lip conversion in ESCO 70SV2 in 374 F
✅ Welder Training
✅ GET and tracks Measurement
✅ GET and tracks management

Thanks to our customer for his trust!

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