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A D9R caterpillar Bulldozer with new Berco chains

A D9R caterpillar Bulldozer with new Berco chains

Haladjian Mining is a company specialized in assisting and supporting the mining industry. We are experts in proving all type of mining solutions. Our highly skilled and trained mining experts will assist you for example in mining rebuild programs, mining wear parts and mechanics mining machine issues.

We were recently contacted buy a client operating in West Africa that needed to have Berco chains installed on a D9R caterpillar Bulldozer. Being a Berco mining equipment official dealer and having specific teams operating in countries like Burkina Faso or Ivory Coast, we managed to organize a quick and efficient intervention to accomplish the mission we were assigned. Our Africa mining services’ team was quick to organize and implement the intervention.

Haladjian Mining, throughout the years, has become a partner of choice for many mining compagnies operating in many countries around the world. As a result, our expertise and skills make the difference when your productivity and your mining equipment’s heath is a stake.

Our mining undercarriage solutions with our superior engineering and technology, our comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing ensure the highest quality of our mining excavator undercarriages. Especially when dealing with Berco chains systems and their installation on mining machines tracks ranging from 50 to 400 tons with 240-395 mm chain pitch. This operation was a real success and the D9R caterpillar bulldozer was giving a second life and a boost in productivity thanks to our mining machines and wear parts expertise.

Read more about our mining machine tracks articles to get more insights about this specific mining topic and if you want to have more information about the Berco mining equipment we can provide you with, read our dedicated selection of articles related to our Berco equipment expertise.

Welding expertise for mining conversion services

Welding expertise for mining conversion services

Mining industry needs constant equipment and machine assistance. It’s a matter of keeping productivity going while making sure machines are always operational and efficient. The Haladjian mining conversion program provides the type of assistance all mining company is looking for.

Whether you require some bucket expertise or maintenance or even a mining welding team to execute planned critical repairs, Haladjian can deliver the mining welding expertise  required to ensure you get the best maintenance and upgrade for your equipment.

It is what one of our welding experts did through the Haladjian mining conversion program for this Esco lip assembly that needed upgrading. Our highly skilled technician used all his skills to fulfill his mission which consisted in extending and reinforcing the productivity and the resistance of this crucial mining wear part.

This came after a careful analysis of the customers’ needs. Generally, our mining assistance consists in four main steps:

  • On-site assessment of your mining welding needs with result-oriented approach
  • Production and delivery of specifications and detailed 3D diagrams
  • Manufacture or refurbishment of your buckets by mining welding specially adapted to your operational challenges and working conditions
  • Performance supervision, analysis and monitoring of fuel consumption, production, and maintenance costs​

The mining conversion program of Haladjian Mining has been developed to support miners in the improvement of their annual yield while reducing machinery downtime and operating costs.Haladjian Mining provides also mining rebuild services or training and assistance services for the mining industry. Check other articles about what we do in terms of mining conversion and what kind of Esco equipment we are specialized in.

Check our dedicated pages to the Esco tooth systems and the Esco lips systems in order to have a quick view of the mining wear part that will suit your expectations.

Rebuild of a D9R Caterpillar engine

Rebuild of a D9R Caterpillar engine

Haladjian Mining is a company specialized in mining services for the mining industry. Our component and mining rebuild program  is probably one of the most symbolic and representative of our mining expertise. We give a second life to your mining components and equipment thanks to our skilled technicians, our state-of-the-art facilities, and our high-tech tools. Our rebuild center is at the heart of the process since it provides us the right work environment for this kind of operations.

Recently, the Haladjian mining experts rebuild a Caterpillar D9R engine. It came out of the Haladjian’s  rebuild center ready to face a new assignment in a mining exploitation. Its new owner appreciated very much the work done. This is a solid illustration of our mining rebuild expertise and how it can help you.

Haladjian Mining provides all sorts of rebuild solutions such as:

Mining rebuilt kit: All you need to rebuild yourself the component for mining applications. Parts replace systematically by OEM Specifications

Mining component Rebuilt: Rebuild your own mining component by our team. Parts are inspected and charged additionally to the basis kit if they don’t meet OEM Specifications. This will take two- or three-months process.

Mining component outright: Available on shelves, no core return are needed.Costly downtime is limited to the time required to replace the failed mining component

Mining component Exchange (PEX): Available ready to be send, component PEX limit downtime and reduced component costs. We send you mining component unit shipped for quick change out and customer core is send to Haladjian rebuild center. We repair and service to OEM spécifications for next customer

Whatever the solutions you need, Haladjian Mining will provide you with the best assistance and service possible. We provide mining wear parts and mechanical parts for the mining industry or services like mining welding and mechanics on mining equipment.

We are an official Caterpillar machines and equipment dealer. Read our Caterpillar mining equipment articles and check other examples of what we do in terms of mining rebuild.

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