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Berco is a mining equipment producer that provides to it's customers a wide range of mining products that will help you make your mining and aggregates production efficient. Read our articles to know more what kind of Berco mining equipment we can provide you with.

Berco tracks frame and Partinium Parts Rebuild Program

Haladjian Mining provides mechanical parts and wear parts to its mining industry clients and partners. We are also experts in mining welding and components mining rebuild services. A great collection of expertise that able us to be successful in any rebuild program on heavy mining machinery like excavators, dozers, drilling machines or articulated trucks.

But also, when working on mining machine tracks like it is the case in this situation with Berco mining equipment such as the D10 tracks frame. A few weeks ago, we started the rebuild of a D10 tracks frame with Berco SPA and Partinium® parts. This rebuild program took place in Haladjian’s rebuild center. An infrastructure that allows us to be fully equipped and prepared to any intervention on heavy mining equipment.

Our teams of mining experts were successful in achieving their goal and the rebuild D10 tracks frame has been sold to one of our mining customers in Burkina Faso.

A new start for a second life!

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Want to know more about our Africa mining services and access  more information about our services of supply of wear parts, mechanical parts and mining undercarriages ? We are also experts in mining welding, ,mechanics mining equipment, and in assistance and training for mining operations.

More about engines for mining trucks.

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A D9R caterpillar Bulldozer with new Berco chains

A D9R caterpillar Bulldozer with new Berco chains

Haladjian Mining is a company specialized in assisting and supporting the mining industry. We are experts in proving all type of mining solutions. Our highly skilled and trained mining experts will assist you for example in mining rebuild programs, mining wear parts and mechanics mining machine issues.

We were recently contacted buy a client operating in West Africa that needed to have Berco chains installed on a D9R caterpillar Bulldozer. Being a Berco mining equipment official dealer and having specific teams operating in countries like Burkina Faso or Ivory Coast, we managed to organize a quick and efficient intervention to accomplish the mission we were assigned. Our Africa mining services’ team was quick to organize and implement the intervention.

Haladjian Mining, throughout the years, has become a partner of choice for many mining compagnies operating in many countries around the world. As a result, our expertise and skills make the difference when your productivity and your mining equipment’s heath is a stake.

Our mining undercarriage solutions with our superior engineering and technology, our comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing ensure the highest quality of our mining excavator undercarriages. Especially when dealing with Berco chains systems and their installation on mining machines tracks ranging from 50 to 400 tons with 240-395 mm chain pitch. This operation was a real success and the D9R caterpillar bulldozer was giving a second life and a boost in productivity thanks to our mining machines and wear parts expertise.

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