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Haladjian Mining is a mining company expert in Partinium parts programs for the mining industry. We help you solve your production related issues and provide you with the expertise you need. Learn more about how Haladjian Mining can provide you with the best Partinium solutions and services.

Partinium: a brand new engine

Partinium: a brand new engine

Discover our new engine for backhoe loaders made of our Partinium® components. We delivered this engine directly on site to our customer in Guinea.

We also offer solutions for small engines.


The engines are available from stock.

🤝Thanks to our customer for their confidence.

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Partinium program : new harness CAT 777F

Partinium program : new harness CAT 777F

Haladjian Mining is a company specialized in mining services and mining equipment distribution.
With equipment like mining mechanical and electrical parts for mining machines such as electric and hydraulic machines, Haladjian Mining will always provide you with the best mining equipment.

Our Partinium parts program for mining applications is a good illustration of our capacities to provide you with the latest of many mining equipment brands like the new harness solution for Caterpillar 777F machines. The new harness solution for Caterpillar 777F has better connectors for better protection and will suit your needs for a solid and efficient harness and mining experience.

As a mining equipment and services company, we supply genuine parts that comply with manufacturers specifications and schematics such as color code, wires numbers and connectors. More generally, we are proud of being able to provide our clients with a large range of products that will equip machines such as off-highway trucks, dozers, excavators, hydraulic mining shovels, motor graders, articulated trucks, and drilling machines.

We provide also mining services for the mining industry such as mining welding, mining assistance and training and mining stock management. We cover a large spectrum of your needs, and we have all type of products and services for the mining industry.

We are an official Caterpillar machines and equipment dealer. Read our Caterpillar mining equipment articles and check other examples of what we do in terms of mechanical parts.

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