Mining Welding Services, welding expertise for bucket conversion

Mining Welding Services, welding expertise for bucket conversion

Bucket conversion with Esco Tooth and Lip systems

Converting buckets with new lips and tooth systems is a process that needs expertise and experience with mining equipment. In the case of this customer, our welder expert converted the bucket of his mining equipment with the placement of new Esco tooth and lip systems. 

Check our pages dedicated to the Esco tooth and lip systems to have more information related to these ground engaging tools  in order to have a quick view of the mining wear parts that suit your expectations. But you still have to replace the material. 

No worries ! Haladjian Mining provides exactly what you need with mining welding services and its team of welders, experts of this type of work on mining equipment

This allows you to convert buckets and ground engaging tools with minimum  difficulty and little time consuming. How ? Because Haladjian Mining takes care of everything.

Not only, Haladjian Mining is the partner you need to provide you with mining wear parts and tooth and lip systems, but we also make sure you don’t have to take in charge conversion or welding work. The conversion is assured by our mining experts that are OEM certified

Mining Welding Services

Haladjian Mining services : assistance and training

Haladjian Mining provides services of mining wear parts distribution, mechanics mining equipmentstock management and support and assistance and training

The customer we worked for in this case was willing to get his team trained for best practices in the manipulation of mining buckets, tooth and shroud systems. This is why, while on the job, our welder expert provided to our customer’s team a training for them to improve their mining welding skills.

Because our assistance and training service brings technical expertise to help you increase the skills of your teams. Haladjian provides assistance and training for its customers’ operators directly on the sites. Our team are OEM trained and all are backed by our application, machine and product experts to deliver expertise across Mining Applications.

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Check our dedicated pages to the Esco tooth systems and the Esco lips systems in order to have a quick view of the mining wear part that will suit your expectations.

Any question or enquiry please contact us

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