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Ground engaging tools for mining companies

Haladjian Mining want's to show you it's large range of ground engaging tools from various mining brands. We are experts in dealing with mining equipment production issues like wear parts, maintenance and rebuild programs for example. And also, mining equipment repair and Used mining machinery equipment. We provide mining services and solutions for the mining industry.

Discover the result of the Buckets Face Shovel 6040 Esco equipped Nemisys.

Some time ago, we talked about 3 buckets 22m3 for 6040 FS (430 t). Each bucket is equipped with Esco NEMISYS ESCO N1 tips, N1 lip shrouds. After delivery, installation and technical inspection, One of them is working.

What are the profits for the customer ?

  • Avoid any cracks in the side wall visor.
  • Increase machine performances in terms of production rate, maintenance downtimes.
  • Decrease production costs.

Step one on manufacturing plant

After reception of cast lip from Italy plant, manufacturing of visor and backdoor on Chinese Esco manufacturing plant. And packaging and loading from manufacturing plant.

Step two on site

Delivery and reception by our team on site.

What we did ?

  • Disassembly of the OEM bucket (visor and backdoor).
  • Assembly of Esco visor on Esco backdoor.
  • Fixing on the machine n°1 completed:

Next Step: bucket number 2 to be assembled the same way and to be fixed on machine FS002. Bucket number 3 will be for spare.

Well done mining team and thanks to

Emmanuel KWASSI and Ibrahim AMAN our welders on site for operation coordinating

All « Transport International » team for the shipment monitoring.

Thomas BRUNO for back office follow up.

Chaimae GHOUMIT for the welder roaster monitoring and management.

Olivier MARTY for coordination with all the Esco SA team.

Adrien BOUVET and Alexandre FIN for the technical support.

Mathieu PRAT and Sébastien RIQUE, because this is the achievement of a long-term negotiation with the customer.

These are the first 6040FS Esco buckets delivered in Western Africa zone by Haladjian.

To be continued:

Bucket follow up on site (GET lifetime, cost per hour, cost per ton extracted). The good quality of your welds is an important part of your buckets because without it, your activity is stopped. Our field experts are able to carry out expert assessments of your machines and suggest maintenance operations to be carried out.

If you want to get more information about our Bucket assessment, contact our mining team at They will also provide you many information about all mining wear parts you might need information about.         


Rebuild of the stick of a 6020B hydraulic shovel

Rebuild of the stick of a 6020B hydraulic shovel

Our team of mining experts based in West Africa conducted the reconditioning of the stick of a 6020b caterpillar hydraulic shovel. Our mining rebuild program provided in this case a great illustration of its efficiency. The job took place in the pit of one of our West African clients‘where the mining equipment was of some importance to the pit’s productivity.

At the pit, our team of skilled technicians dismounted and removed the stick out of the pit to spend some time on it.  First, our job consisted in cutting off the plates to do an internal inspection of the 6020b stick. After a carefully conducted inspection, we repaired the mining shovel component by giving back to it the aspect of a brand-new hydraulic shovel stick.

Our mining welding experts specially trained to work on ground engaging tools pieces did a great job. The goal of this operation and the others to come is to reinforce the resistance of any mining wear part after years of services.  Because to control expenses and minimize downtime, it is advised to continually explore all options to get the most out of heavy mining equipment. Our vision is that because a single mining component is failing, it does not mean that the entire piece of equipment has come to the end of its work-life.

As you can see, the 6020b stick was ready to go back and rejoin its hydraulic shovel for the best of our client’s business. Our mining rebuild program provided to our client the best service possible. Haladjian Mining is a mining company specialized in providing wear parts and mechanical parts to the mining industry while we have also developed services of mining welding, mining rebuilds and mechanics for mining equipment. We have a solution to any of your mining production problematics. Read more articles about our mining equipment reconditioning achievements with equipment such as the D9r engine or the 777 Caterpillar.

Mining inspections in Ivory Coast : Inspection of a Liebherr R9200 bucket

Our Area Manager in Ivory Coast realized inspection on R9200 Liebherr Bucket, equipped with brand new ESCO Corporation Nemisys System N90.

Maintenance services for mining equipment

An inspection that took place in the context of Haladjian’s West African mining services. We do mechanics mining equipment maintenance, we deliver our expertise in mining welding work and provide assistance and training on several mining equipment and mining processes issues. Thus, throughout this intervention, our Ivory Coast area manager demonstrated his expertise in dealing with this type of ground engaging tool. Our team are OEM trained and are experienced in providing advice for mining industry companies in terms of mining wear parts distribution and mining equipment maintenance.

The new tooth and shroud systems : Esco Nemesys N90

Our mining expert had to deal with an Esco Nemysis N90 and demonstrate his skills by providing the right analysis and the right recommendations for a this Esco tooth system.

The Esco Nemesys mining tooth system is the latest of a large range of Esco mining ground engaging tools. New mining tooth and shrouds systems with rugged hammerless locking mechanisms, that help reduce maintenance costs through improved reliability, faster and safer replacement. The Nemisys mining tooth system offers also :

  • Four system sizes to fit large excavators, draglines and cable shovels
  • Slim profile lip and tooth system that requires less energy to dig
  • Up to 19% more usable wear metal on teeth for more uptime
  • Standard Duty lips weigh 17% less on average
  • 20% larger thrust face area on the system nose for better reliability
  • Contoured lip that reduces peak stresses by a minimum of 12%
  • Shrouds and adapters that cover up to 77% more area on the frontal lip edge

Want to know more about Esco’s tooth systems ? Read our page dedicated to the Esco tooth systems and their efficiency in reducing costs and raising the productivity of any mining equipment equipped with a bucket.

Haladjian Mining : assistance and maintenance services in West Africa

Haladjian Mining is active in Ivory Coast. We also conduct operations through other West African countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea and Mauritania. Our Warehouse in Ouagadougou allows us to be reactive and efficient in providing mining services to our customers.

Looking for a mining expert to take care of some of your mining equipment ? Feel free to contact Haladjian Mining : +33 490 39 39 23 or, and explain what type of mining services you need. We will make sure your issue is addressed by one of our mining experts

Official distributor of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps

As an official distributor of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps, Haladjian Mining covers your hydraulic systems mechanical parts’ needs.

Hydraulic parts are essential to the performance and to the efficiency of mining equipment like crushing and grinding machines, excavators, dozers or even shovels. Read more about our mechanical parts distribution service.

The full line of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps

Our team of mining experts specialized in mining equipment’s parts and in all type of services to the mining industry like mining wear parts and mining undercarriage will help you choose the right Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps for your equipment.

Not only will you have access to what your machinery needs, you will also have it delivered in the most efficient way with little transport delays. Haladjian Mining has a network of warehouses in France and West Africa and a long history of services to the mining industry like mining welding and mechanics mining equipment that make the difference when having to provide efficient mining assistance and support.

Hydraulic pumps are the core of the mining industry when considered the engineering processes at work for moving earth, digging, drilling, and crushing stones. As world leader on the hydraulic pumps market, Bosch Rexroth has developed a full line of hydraulic pumps with greater precision, dependability, and reliability.

These hydraulic mechanical parts are compliant to numerous mining machines like Liebherr 9250, Liebherr 9350, CAT 6015B, CAT 6020B, CAT 6015, CAT 6018, CAT 6030, CAT 6040 and CAT 6050.

Any question or enquiry please contact us. Customer Support :on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

Discover our full range of wearing parts !

Esco MaxDRP™ Ripper GET solution supplier

Haladjian Mining offers a full line of ESCO Corporation rippers systems for your mining dozers.

Watch this video about the ESCO® MaxDRP™ Ripper GET System Solution.
With an improved design for greater penetration, the MaxDRP™ Plus Ripper system delivers increased productivity and wear life for your dozer.

Our mining experts will provide you with all what you need to know about the OEM wear parts and components. In the case of the ESCO® MaxDRP™ Ripper GET System Solution, this Esco ® mining equipment has many benefits:
– Easy to install and remove
– Reusable pin and collar resulting in replacement cost savings
– ESCO® alloys and point shapes provide up to 25% longer wear life
– Reduced maintenance costs
– Slimmer profile improves loading You will find more information about our the mining wear parts Haladjian Mining can supply you for your ground engaging tools. Read about our Esco® tooth and lips systems that can make the difference in terms of productivity and resistance of your mining equipment.

Haladjian Mining is a Esco MaxDRP Ripper GET systems supplier

Any question or enquiry please contact us

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