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Our area managers and mining experts are back in the mines!

Experts in mining solutions and services – Haladjian Mining

September is the month our area managers go back into the mines where our clients need their mining expertise in services and solutions like mining rebuild programs, mining wear parts, mining assistance and training or mining welding. Back to help you achieve your goals.

Rebuild program solutions

Haladjian Mining provides rebuild mining services to extend the life duration of your mining machines. To control expenses and minimize downtime, it is advised to continually explore all options to get the most out of your heavy mining equipment and machines. Our rebuild program solutions can help you anticipate and planify your mining equipment lifetime.

Generally, just because a single mining component is failing, it does not mean that the entire piece of equipment has come to the end of its work-life. That is why, as part of your mining component rebuild service, all defective mining components are rebuilt by our team following OEM specifications (same quality as REMAN Components). Our mining experts will provide you with all the details you need related to our rebuild services.

Supplier of mining wear parts

In terms of mining wear parts, Haladjian Mining is an Esco® official dealer which help us support miners in producing for a lower total cost through a complete range of:

Supply you with the mining wear parts and mechanical parts you need is what our experienced mining experts will do for the best of your mining activities.

Mining welding solutions

Reducing machinery downtime and operating costs is our goal. That is why, whether you require mining bucket expertise, maintenance or just a mining welding team to execute planned critical repairs or additional protection for your bucket, Haladjian can deliver the mining welding expertise and an extra team of mining welders to ensure you get the best maintenance and upgrade of your equipment in a safe and professional manner.

Being the dealer of ESCO®‘s in Africa, we provide ESCO® mining buckets and protections along with on-site mining welding service.

Training and mentoring you mining teams with Haladjian Mining

Our assistance and training service for the mining industry brings technical expertise to help you increase the skills of your teams. Haladjian provides assistance and training for its customers’ operators directly on the sites. Our team are OEM trained and all are backed by our application, machine and product experts to deliver expertise across mining applications.

Our courses focus on the following subjects:


  • Part preparation process
  • Mining welding techniques (pre-heating, cutting, chamfering, etc.)
  • Replacement and mounting of blade assemblies
  • Adapter installation


  • Replacement of anti-abrasion protective devices (steel shielding, stone-box, pin-on pads, rubber or PEHD coating)


  • Monitoring the wear of crawler tracks and of each component
  • Component replacement (rollers, wheels, pads, etc.)
  • Use of a track removal press


  • Awareness raising of risks of wear related to driving
  • Use of the proper tools
  • Optimisation of workshop optimisation

Haladjian Mining provides you with a large range of mining solutions and services. Our mining experts will help you develop and strengthen you mining activities. If you have any projects, contacts us.

Back in the mines to provide the best of the Haladjian mining services and solutions

Discover our full range of wearing parts !

Esco MaxDRP™ Ripper GET solution supplier

Haladjian Mining offers a full line of ESCO Corporation rippers systems for your mining dozers.

Watch this video about the ESCO® MaxDRP™ Ripper GET System Solution.
With an improved design for greater penetration, the MaxDRP™ Plus Ripper system delivers increased productivity and wear life for your dozer.

Our mining experts will provide you with all what you need to know about the OEM wear parts and components. In the case of the ESCO® MaxDRP™ Ripper GET System Solution, this Esco ® mining equipment has many benefits:
– Easy to install and remove
– Reusable pin and collar resulting in replacement cost savings
– ESCO® alloys and point shapes provide up to 25% longer wear life
– Reduced maintenance costs
– Slimmer profile improves loading You will find more information about our the mining wear parts Haladjian Mining can supply you for your ground engaging tools. Read about our Esco® tooth and lips systems that can make the difference in terms of productivity and resistance of your mining equipment.

Haladjian Mining is a Esco MaxDRP Ripper GET systems supplier

Meet our new West Africa area manager: Murat Alpars, an experienced mining expert

Murat Alpars, an experienced mining expert joins Haladjian Mining services in West Africa

Warm welcome to Murat Julien Alpars who has just joined the Haladjian Mining team of experts as mining area manager. His mission will be to support our customers located in Ivory Coast and Liberia by providing them with a large range of Haladjian Mining business and technical assistance solutions that our west africa mining services implement over a large area of African countries.
His mission will be to support our customers located in Ivory Coast and Liberia.

What constitutes his mining expertise?

After earning his BSc in mechanical engineering, Murat was infatuated with mining machines and especially with Construction and Mining Machines at first. He then joined OEMs such as Caterpillar®, Komatsu® and Volvo® and worked amongst them as Service Training Instructor, Technical Communicator, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Manager, Senior PSSR and Mining BU Lead in different countries of Africa.

With more than 15 years of extensive experience, we are glad to welcome Murat in our team of mining experts. He will represent Haladjian Mining at the contact of our clients by providing them with solutions adapted to their needs and with mining assistance and business developments projects in the countries in which he will oversee the Haladjian Mining operations.

Today, Haladjian Mining conducts its West African operations the closest from where its client’s mining production activities take place. Our warehouse in Ouagadougou and our team of mining experts in Burkina Faso, allow us to be reactive and efficient in problems solving issues. We can conduct operations through west African countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, Mauritania and make sure you have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Haladjian Mining is committed to providing you with mining solutions wherever your operations take place. 

Haladjian Mining is a mining company specialized in providing mining solutions and assistance for the mining industry. We are specialized in solutions like mining wear parts and mechanical parts supply and also component and mining rebuild program. As a company of mining experts, Haladjian Mining provides services like mining welding and assistance and training to mining companies. Contact Murat Julien Alpars and ask him for technical or productivity advice about your mining projects and operations!

A mining expert joins the Haladjian West African services

Haladjan Mining rebuild expertise on a 777 Caterpillar® Mining truck

Haladjan Mining rebuild expertise on a 777 Caterpillar® Mining truck

Haladjian Mining provides rebuilds program solutions for the mining industry. Our experts will assist you in all the issues you encounter in matter of mining equipment life extension. This is what happened when our client contacted our Africa mining services related to the rebuild of a 777 Caterpillar mining truck with engine components issues.

In this recent article, we mentioned all the details about the mining rebuilds program solutions we provide for the mining industry. Our expertise allowed this operation to be a success thanks to our skilled technicians and highly trained engineers with experience in mining mechanical parts and Caterpillar mining equipment issues.

Our heavy mining equipment expertise is crucial when it comes to planify such operations since it needs experience in mining mechanical, maintenance, and wear parts management. Our rebuild center is precious when considered the work needed on a 777-Caterpillar mining truck with engine issues.

The engines we received are now ready to leave for one our West African customer for his fleet rebuild plan we put in place together. Interested in having information related to what we do in terms of rebuild programs?  Haladjian Mining has many rebuild program solutions to provide to its customers:

  • Mining rebuilt kit: All you need to rebuild yourself the component for mining applications. Parts replace systematically by OEM Specifications
  • Mining component Rebuilt: Rebuild your own mining component by our team. Parts are inspected and charged additionally to the basis kit if they don’t meet OEM Specifications. This will take two or three month process.
  • Mining component outright: Available on shelves, no core return are needed. Costly downtime is limited to the time required to replace the failed mining component
  • Mining component Exchange (PEX): Available ready to be send, component PEX limit downtime and reduced component costs. We send you mining component unit shipped for quick change out and customer core is sent to Haladjian rebuild center. We repair and service to OEM specifications for next customer

Read more about what we have done in terms of mining rebuild program and check our articles about our expertise in Caterpillar mining equipment.

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