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Discover the result of the Buckets Face Shovel 6040 Esco equipped Nemisys.

Some time ago, we talked about 3 buckets 22m3 for 6040 FS (430 t). Each bucket is equipped with Esco NEMISYS ESCO N1 tips, N1 lip shrouds. After delivery, installation and technical inspection, One of them is working.

What are the profits for the customer ?

  • Avoid any cracks in the side wall visor.
  • Increase machine performances in terms of production rate, maintenance downtimes.
  • Decrease production costs.

Step one on manufacturing plant

After reception of cast lip from Italy plant, manufacturing of visor and backdoor on Chinese Esco manufacturing plant. And packaging and loading from manufacturing plant.

Step two on site

Delivery and reception by our team on site.

What we did ?

  • Disassembly of the OEM bucket (visor and backdoor).
  • Assembly of Esco visor on Esco backdoor.
  • Fixing on the machine n°1 completed:

Next Step: bucket number 2 to be assembled the same way and to be fixed on machine FS002. Bucket number 3 will be for spare.

Well done mining team and thanks to

Emmanuel KWASSI and Ibrahim AMAN our welders on site for operation coordinating

All « Transport International » team for the shipment monitoring.

Thomas BRUNO for back office follow up.

Chaimae GHOUMIT for the welder roaster monitoring and management.

Olivier MARTY for coordination with all the Esco SA team.

Adrien BOUVET and Alexandre FIN for the technical support.

Mathieu PRAT and Sébastien RIQUE, because this is the achievement of a long-term negotiation with the customer.

These are the first 6040FS Esco buckets delivered in Western Africa zone by Haladjian.

To be continued:

Bucket follow up on site (GET lifetime, cost per hour, cost per ton extracted). The good quality of your welds is an important part of your buckets because without it, your activity is stopped. Our field experts are able to carry out expert assessments of your machines and suggest maintenance operations to be carried out.

If you want to get more information about our Bucket assessment, contact our mining team at They will also provide you many information about all mining wear parts you might need information about.         


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