Welding Certifications and Qualifications 

Welding Certifications and Qualifications 

Welding Certifications and Qualifications 

Haladjian Mobile Equipment: Welding Training and Certifications in West Africa 

Haladjian Mobile Equipment is proud to announce the launch of a welding training sessions in West Africa. As part of our ongoing commitment to support local industries, we are offering training sessions aimed at enhancing skills in the maintenance and repair of mining equipment. 

The Importance of Welding Quality 

In the field of manufacturing and construction, the quality of welds is crucial to ensure the strength, safety, and durability of structures and finished products. Welding qualification is the essential process that ensures welds meet the highest standards and specific project requirements. 

Understanding Welding Qualification 

Welding qualification is much more than a formality. It is a complex process involving several critical steps, from material selection to documenting the results. 

What is Welding Qualification? 

Welding qualification involves assessing the ability of a welder, a welding method, and equipment to produce welds that conform to specific criteria. These criteria may include industry standards, customer specifications, or regulatory requirements. 

Standards and Regulations 

To ensure compliance and quality of welds, various standards and regulations are established in the industry. These standards provide precise guidelines on qualification methods, tests to be performed, and criteria to be met for accurate welding qualification. There are many of them (position, material, welding process, thickness). 

Training Program 

This time, our program had place in Dakar, Senegal, and consists of two distinct sessions, each with two training booths. Here is an overview of the program: 

  • 1 day of preparation: Participants prepare their own piece cutting, grinding, chamfer tack weld … 
  • 2 days of intensive training: Participants practice the skills they have acquired under the supervision of experienced trainers. 
  • 2.5 days of certification: Participants undergo a rigorous certification process, with a total of 12 certifications obtained by each participant. 

Certifications and Qualifications 

Certifications are issued by the prestigious Bureau Veritas, ensuring international recognition of the skills acquired. Participants will be qualified for maintenance and repairs of mining equipment, including work on buckets and blades. 

12 certificates have been obtained per technician.

Welding Techniques 

Participants will be trained in 4 main welding processes: 

  • 111 – basic coated electrode E7018-H4 or E7018-1H4 for SMAW process licence. 
  • 136 – flux-cored wire with slag E71T1 for FCAW process licence. 
  • 135 – solid wire ER70S-6 for GMAW process licence. 
  • 138 – flux-cored wire (Metal cored) E70T15 for FCAW process licence.

These techniques are essential for effective and durable repairs of mining equipment. 

In Conclusion 

All candidates have the potential to become proficient in this discipline with the correct training and tooling Any development plan start with a workshop. 

Assesment to be sure than appropriated tooling will be available for the training. After workshop assessment each trainees will be asses to build in collaboration with the maintenance manager an individual training plan. 

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