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Mining equipment and services : latest news

Read more about what we do in terms of mining equipment and services for the mining industry. We are experts in distribution and maintenance of mining equipment for mining companies. Mining spare parts, mining mechanical parts, mining undercarriage, mining drilling equipement, mining rebuild programs, mining welding and maintenance of your mining machines. We solve mining production issues for the mining industry with a large choice of brands : Berco, Esco, Caterpillar, Volvo, Liebherr, etc.

Comfort and safety for your drivers

The efficient relate on the comfort and safety of your drivers ! 💺
The Mining team makes sure that your drivers are comfortably seated.
That why Haladjian has a partnerships with manufacturers like Grammer®, Sears®…, we have an offer of comfortable, ergonomic seats which resist the most extreme work environments.

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International Miners Day !

From all our mining team: Happy International Miners Day ! ⛏️
Around the world, many miners celebrate December 4 as Miners Day and commemorate their patron saint, St. Barbara, requesting her continuing protection for their daily work.

Team mining : Did you meet Chaimae Ghoummit ?

Chaimae is our Mining sales assistant, let’s introduce her!

Who is she? 🕵️
Chaimae has a high level diploma in International Business.
In our organisation she’s managing our Area managers trips and monitoring our customers portfolio. She’s in charge of the budgets and manages all our tenders.
Also, Chaimae coordinates our logistic with our bounded wharehouses in Burkina Faso and Senegal.

Even if mining can be considering like a man’s world, she found her place: she passionated by her job and the mining industry!

And dont’t say it but… her nickname in our organisation is Speedy 😉 she learns quickly and works efficiently !

ESCO® lips assembly

We just received for one of our customers seventeen ESCO Corporation lips assembly and one bucket to the conversion of its entire fleet.

With these parts, we proposed to our customer in West Africa:
– All buckets lips assembly installation by our expert’s welders flying team.
– A 2-year contract for the supply of GET, cutting edges (dozers, graders) and undercarriage with setting up of a consignment stock on site.
– And a full-time technician on site for inspections of buckets, undercarriage and for stock management.

You want to set up this kind of contract ? Contact us:

Check our dedicated pages to the Esco tooth systems and the Esco lips systems in order to have a quick view of the mining wear part that will suit your expectations.

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