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Back in pictures on a maintenance 📸

Back in pictures on a maintenance performed by our drill expert, Basuki.

His presence on site allowed:

✔️To check the condition of the drill
✔️Improve the efficiency of the maintenance team
✔️Improve operating practices
✔️Improve the selection and inspection of Rock Drilling Tools

Basuki’s experience and extensive knowledge are invaluable to Haladjian and its customers. Thank you Basuki!

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maintenance drill expert

Extend the life of your engines!

One of our customers present in West Africa decided to use our products to extend the life of their engines. Thanks to our mid-life kits, it is possible to maintain your engines and thus allow them to remain efficient.

This mid-life kit is complete, it contains:✔️Starter
✔️Engine harness
✔️Water pump
✔️Fuel transfert pump

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kit mid life

An article from our Mining Manager

Read an article from our Mining Manager about undercarriages for mining machines.

Haladjian is an experienced service provider to the mining industry.

What we offer:

✔️Our products: efficient, reliable, and full-lifecycle solution for open-pit mining

✔️The diagnosis of machine equipment

✔️Commissioning and monitoring

✔️A team of specialized experts present worldwide

Mining and technology are intimately linked, so Haladjian makes innovation one of its priorities by constantly adapting to offer you quality products and services.

Please find the entire article (p24 to p27) on

Feedback 📸

Let’s see what Haladjian Mining is capable of.

More than being a GET and Tracks supplier, Haladjian Mining is capable to provide for all the customers needs.
We have selled 2 generator sets of 500KVA for one of our customer in Guinea.

Those generators will power supplied the camp, administration, and workshop in a remote area for a mining project on Nimba mountain in Guinea.
New and well packed, the generators are ready to be shipped.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information.

Generator group

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