Team mining : Meet our new area manager Murat Alpars!

Warm welcome to Murat Julien Alpars who has just joined the Haladjian Mining Team as Mining Area Manager.
His mission will be to support our customers located in Ivory Coast and Liberia.

Who is he? 🕵️

After earning his BSc in mechanical engineering, Murat was infatuated with machines more in particular with Construction and Mining Machines. He got a chance to join the OEMs such as Caterpillar®, Komatsu® and Volvo® and worked as Service Training Instructor, Technical Communicator, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Manager, Senior PSSR and Mining BU Lead in different countries of Africa.

With more than 15 years of extensive experience, we’re glad to welcome Murat in our team. He will represent Haladjian to our clients, provide them with solutions adapted to their needs and develop the projects in countries which he will be in charge of.

Contact him and ask him for advice about your projects!

Our warehouse in Dakar

Haladjian Mining conducts its operations the closest from where its clients’ mining activities take place. Our warehouse in Dakar received Esco teeth systems for one of our West African clients. From there, our mining experts based in Dakar will be able to transport the mining equipment wherever our client is located. Our West African based activities allow us to be reactive and efficient in problems solving issues. We can conduct operations through west african countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, Mauritania and make sure you have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Our warehouse in Ouagadougou is also a strong asset in our African activities. Haladjian is committed to providing you with mining solutions wherever your operations take place. 

Haladjian Mining & ESCO warehouse in Dakar

6020B bucket conversion by Haladjian Mining

Our team of mining experts is specially trained for working on the conversion of your mining equipment. Haladjian Mining provides to the mining companies services and assistance. We are specialized in services like mining wear parts, mining undercarriage, mining mechanical parts or mining welding. Many case studies allow us to illustrate the kind of mining assistance we do. In this case, we have operated the mining conversion of a bucket thanks to the intervention of our mining experts. The operation consisted in a lip conversion with an Esco® 85SV2 system and in a Esco® wing shroud installation. We also implemented wear package modifications for a better miningbucket protection. Haladjian Mining is an official Esco dealer that provides mining companies with highly engineered mining equipment like tooth systems, blades, end bits or shrouds. Check our pages dedicated to the Esco tooth sytems and the Esco lip systems and find the type of mining wear parts that will best suit your needs.

Our actions:
– Lip conversion in Esco® 85SV2.
– Esco® wing shroud installation for better wing protection.
– Wear package modification for a better bucket protection.

Conversion of a mining bucket with Esco lip and shroud systems

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