ESCO® lips assembly : Conversion to Esco Mining equipment – Assistance and Supply

ESCO® lips assembly : Conversion to Esco Mining equipment – Assistance and Supply

Haladjian Mining is a company specialized in services and assistance for the mining industry. We operate from countries like Senegal, Burkina Faso and elsewhere throughout West Africa. Logistics and assistance are key to the success of mining projects. Mining compagnies need a reliable partner to provide all the mining equipment needed all the long of mining operations.

Esco Lips Assembly waiting to be delivered to West Africa

Mining equipment stock management

Haladjian Mining provides mining equipment like mining wear parts or mechanical parts for ground engaging tools and crushing machines, services like welding assistance and on site training for mining operators.

We also engage in long partnerships with compagnies of the mining industry thanks to our expertise in mining equipment stock management. An issue that – if not dealt with correctly – can be source of many inconveniences for mining operations. That’s why we have developed contract agreements that allow us to assist and take in charge mining equipment stock management on the behalf of mining compagnies. We plan their needs while they extract minerals. The contract mostly provides services such as:

  • Standardization of GET and mining tools for your fleet
  • Recommendation on mining wear parts, GET planning and mining mechanical parts
  • Establishment of a buffer stock, stock replenishment

Support and planning of mining equipment stocks for the mining industry

Recently in West Africa, one of our clients with a contract agreement was delighted to see arriving brand new and reliable esco mining equipment. After having received seventeen ESCO Corporation lips assembly and one bucket, we were able to quickly organize the conversion of his entire fleet with the less possible impacts on his mining operations. The planning of this fleet conversion was left to us.

The contract agreement included:

  • All buckets’ lips assembly installation by our expert’s welders flying team.
  • A 2-year contract for the supply of GET, cutting edges (dozers, graders) and undercarriage with setting up of a consignment stock on site.
  • And a full-time technician on site for inspections of buckets, undercarriage and for stock management.

Thanks to our mining experts and to Haladjian Mining ties in West Africa, all took place in accordance with the plan.  The client was able to have quickly to his disposal esco tooth and lips systems.

Haladjian Mining: assistance and support to the mining industry in West Africa

Having deployed infrastructures, logistics and mining experts in West Africa, we are able to organize contract agreements with mining equipment stock management services close to where our client’s mining activities take place.

We can deploy express supply in case of machine breakdown. Our warehouses are situated in :

  • BURKINA FASO with a warehouse in Ouagadougou
  • SENEGAL with warehouse based in Dakar

Our teams of mining experts have long experience working for the industry in Africa while Haladjian Mining is a long-lasting company specialized in services and supply of parts and mining equipment on the African soil. We also conduct operations through other West African countries implantations such as Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea and Mauritania.

You want to set up this kind of contract? contacts us at or +33 490 39 39 23. Check our dedicated pages to the Esco tooth systems and the Esco lips systems in order to have a quick view of the mining wear parts that will suit your expectations. And read our other articles about Esco Mining equipment, mining conversion and mining wear parts to have access to more information about the type of mining equipment and services we can supply you with.

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