Feedback on the team building session of our Haladjian mining experts

Our team of Mining experts trained for an afternoon, and they were impressive! They had to show strength, reflection, courage, and team spirit. What better way to work together than as a team when you operate in the mining industry ?

Their efforts are composed of several workshops :

🏋️Physical preparation
🌉Monkey bridge
☁️Jumping in the void
🙆‍♂️Rope climbing

Our team of mining experts was able to achieve all this together!
Congratulations to all for your perseverance!

Check out some of the pictures of their sporting achievements at Perfect Warrior Training, Sorgues.

Find out more about our team of mining experts.

team buiding of our mining experts

Back in pictures on a mining drilling machine maintenance

Back in pictures on a maintenance performed by our drill expert, Basuki.His presence on site allowed:To check the condition of the drillImprove the efficiency of the maintenance teamImprove operating practicesImprove the selection and inspection of Rock Drilling Tools

His presence on site allowed:

✔️To check the condition of the drill
✔️Improve the efficiency of the maintenance team
✔️Improve operating practices
✔️Improve the selection and inspection of Rock Drilling Tools

Basuki’s mining expertise and extensive knowledge are invaluable to Haladjian and its customers. Thank you Basuki!

Read more about our maintenance for mechanics mining equipment.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information at

maintenance for mechanics of mining equipment

Extend the life of your mining machinery engines

To extend the life of your mining machinery engines, we have developed mining rebuild products like our mid-life kits for mining machines. Discover Haladjian’s rebuild program for the aggregates industry.

One of our customers present in West Africa decided to use our mining rebuild products to extend the life of their engines. Thanks to our mid-life kits, it is possible to maintain your engines on your mining machines and thus allow them to remain efficient.

This mid-life kit is complete, it contains:✔️Starter
✔️Engine harness
✔️Water pump
✔️Fuel transfert pump

You want this kit too? Contact us and discover more about Haladjian’s rebuild solutions for mining machines and mining equipment.

Discover some of our others products: mining undercarriage, mining mechanical parts, mining wear parts. Have you heard about our mid-life kits for mining machines’engines? Read more about this specific mining rebuild product

engine mining rebuild mid life kit

An article from our Mining Manager

Read an article from our Mining Manager about undercarriages for mining machines.

Haladjian is an experienced service provider to the mining industry.

What we offer:

✔️Our products: efficient, reliable, and full-lifecycle solution for open-pit mining

✔️The diagnosis of machine equipment

✔️Commissioning and monitoring

✔️A team of specialized experts present worldwide

Mining and technology are intimately linked, so Haladjian makes innovation one of its priorities by constantly adapting to offer you quality products and services.

Please find the entire article (p24 to p27) on


Let’s see what Haladjian Mining is capable of.

More than being a GET and Tracks supplier, Haladjian Mining is capable to provide for all the customers needs.
We have selled 2 generator sets of 500KVA for one of our customer in Guinea.

Those generators will power supplied the camp, administration, and workshop in a remote area for a mining project on Nimba mountain in Guinea.
New and well packed, the generators are ready to be shipped.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information.

Generator group

Rebuild program

Our Rebuild Program helps you to extend the component life by meeting the same safety, quality and rentability as a new engine.
Haladjian is equipped to rebuild and test all component of largest equipment.
The process handled by Haladjian:
✔️ Our Logistic department brings the components to our Rebuild center in France
✔️ Our technician team inspects the component, beginning with a thorough cleaning of every component and ending with rigorous testing to ensure quality, information that are gathered in a report
✔️The component is ready to go back home with a 1-year warranty.

Thanks to our customer for his trust on the A45 Transmission rebuild component.

Our Welder team is growing!

Meet Emmanuel Kwasi who will be in Burkina for 1 year.

Currently he works on :
✔️PC1250 Bucket and PC2000 Bucket equipped with ESCO Corporation lips and GETs
✔️Daily measurements
✔️Change-out GETs with the team
✔️GET marking, weighing and storing
✔️Bucket Inspections (PC1250, PC2000)
✔️CTS Inspection (PC1250, PC2000, D375A)
✔️Technical recommandations

Warm welcome to Emmanuel!

Underground mining buckets

As part of the signing of our VMI, Ground engine tool (GET) and Tracks contract in Guinea, our team is fully committed to the conversion of 15 Machines.
✅ Lip conversion in ESCO 75SV2 in PC2000
✅ Lip conversion in ESCO 70SV2 in 374 F
✅ Welder Training
✅ GET and tracks Measurement
✅ GET and tracks management

Thanks to our customer for his trust!


Some pictures of our great team in Guinea.
Karamo Kaba our stock VMI manager and marcelo lima our welder technician realize an inspection of all the converted buckets.

Words of the week by Karamo : ‘’ With #Haladjian is not only about converting the buckets or supplying undercarriages group but it’s also inspecting all the converted buckets inside the different pit.’’

Thanks Karamo for these pictures.

Track control

Haladjian Expertise hits once again!
Our undercarriage expert and our area manager have done a track control on a PC800-8 while the machine has engine breakdown for one of our customers in west Africa.

They have done wear monitoring on idler, sprockets, shoes, links, bushing, upper rollers, track rollers.

The verdict was tracks rollers were severely worned on the flange due to application and because the machine had no guards.

After this checking, here is our advices:
✔️Some procedure for the driver needs to be implemented to minimize the impact on track rollers while using the machine.
✔️Put guards and maintain in good condition to protect track rollers.

So, now, we need to follow up after 2 months of use once the machine will be back to work.

Good job mining team !

track control on a PC800-8

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