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A rebuild center to extend the life of your mining components and equipment

Haladjian Mining provides to mining companies mining rebuild solutions for their mining components and equipment that need life extension. As a service provider, Haladjian has developed several types of rebuild and reconditioning processes. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers are trained to OEM specifications. We do rebuild mining kit, mining component rebuilt, mining component outright and mining component exchange. Our rebuild center in the South of France allow us to work directly on heavy mining equipment with our state-of-the-art facility and high-tech tools.

Our mining rebuild program service also provides you with continue maintenance of your components that help control expenses and minimize downtime. We provide test/quality reports of your heavy mining components, and we bench test twice the engines to ensure optimal quality. Parts used are 100% OEM genuine and covered by a one-year warranty. You are not looking for mining rebuild solutions? Check out our other services such as mining assistance and training, mining welding, or mining wear parts assistance. Haladjian mining will provide mining companies with a large range of services that will help them optimize their mining productivity and processes. Our teams of mining experts that operate around the world will provide you with the best possible mining assistance.

Haladjian’s mining rebuild center and it’s mining rebuild services

Maintaining business during Covid 19

Covid 19 emerged as a world sanitary crisis. Haladjian Mining, as many companies, was surprised by the amplitude of the crisis. Nevertheless, Haladjian was able to put in place safety measures for its workforce and organize the transport and delivery of its clients’ genuine spare parts and mining components orders for their mining equipment.

This context happened to be a breakthrough in the optimization of our organization processes through adaptation, innovation, and problem-solving issues in relation to the mining industry. Today we are trained and experienced in solving mining logistical problems whatever the problem you are faced with. Read more about our company’s mindset and its corporate social responsibility policies.

Large stock available, call us at +33 490 39 39 23.

maintaining the mining industry business during covid19

How to give a second life to your 777 Caterpillar mining truck?

This is exactly the objective of the Haladjian Mining rebuild program. In this case, we received in May 2020 some old engines and rear axles of a 777 Caterpillar®mining truck. We work on this type of material on a regular basis.

Our goal is to extend the life of our client’s mining equipment. And we do that thanks to the skills of our mining experts and technicians that are certified and trained for this type of business cases.

Our mining rebuild program is based on our state-of-the-art facilities and our high-tech tools that allow us to do the reconditioning of any mining material and component of your mining company. Haladjian Mining can work on your equipment wherever you are or in Haladjian’s rebuild program center.

Haladjian Mining offer to mining companies several mining rebuild solutions like mining rebuilt kit, mining component rebuilt, mining component outright and mining component exchange.Read our page dedicated to our component and mining rebuild program to find the service that best suits your needs in terms of reconditioning of your mining equipment.

We also provide maintenance of your components as part of our mining rebuild program since regular maintenance work on your components can help extend the life of your mining equipment. A test/quality report will be delivered with all components. Engines are bench test twice to insurance optimal quality and results reports are shared. Parts used are 100% OEM genuine.

Check out our other mining rebuild program study cases like our articles about the 6020 b stick as we received it and the same 6020 b after after we worked on it. See for yourself the kind of mining rebuild solutions Haladjian Mining can provide you.

Learn more about our rebuild programs.

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