D9R and 777 components ready to leave for our warehouse in Ouagadougou

D9R and 777 components ready to leave for our warehouse in Ouagadougou

Multi-brand and multi-market mining industry specialists

Managing stocks and providing spare parts and services to mining companies wherever their operations take place is the core of what we do. Haladjian Mining is a multi-brand mining equipment supplier. We are experts in providing the mining industry with the equipment their activities rely on. Our team of multi brand experts is working with the best manufacturers of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts of the industry. We supply Berco® mining products, Caterpillar® mining equipment, Volvo® mining equipment, Liebherr® mining equipment, ESCO® mining products, etc. We provide you with the best parts for mining equipment like dozers, excavators, trucks, drill rigs…etc.

Haladjian Africa mining services

Because we adapt and think solutions for the market, we have developed a distribution network in Africa. Our West Africa operations take place the closest from where our client’s mining production activities are. In Burkina Faso, our Ouagadougou warehouse and our local team of mining experts allow Haladjian to be reactive and efficient in all kinds of problems solving issues.

Our establishment in one of the most active geographical areas of the mining industry enables Haladjian Mining to conduct operations throughout West African countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal but also Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, RDC, Eritrea, Mauritania. Wherever you are, we make sure you have a secure supply of mining wear parts and mining mechanical parts. Haladjian is also committed to providing you with a large range of mining solutions like mechanics maintenance and mining welding expertise. We are also experts in working on mining equipment components while we develop a large range of component rebuild programs to be as effective as possible.

Components for mining applications and mining rebuild programs

Mining component stock management

Our D9R and 777 Caterpillar® components will come and support our activity of aiding the mining industry. Nevertheless, our mining equipment maintenance services and our mining rebuild program can help control expenses and minimize downtime. it is advised to continually explore all options to get the most out of heavy mining equipment.

Most notably, just because a single mining component is failing, it does not mean that the entire piece of equipment has come to the end of its work-life. As part of your mining component rebuild service, all defective mining components are rebuilt by our team following OEM specifications (same quality as REMAN Components). A test/quality report will be delivered with all components. Engines are bench test twice to insurance optimal quality and results reports are shared. Parts used are 100% OEM genuine.

Haladjian’s mining rebuild Program

As part of our mining rebuild center, we provide rebuild solutions in order to extend the life duration of your mining machines: 

  • Mining rebuilt kit: All you need to rebuild yourself the component for mining applications. Parts replace systematically by OEM Specifications
  • Mining component Rebuilt: Rebuild your own mining component by our team. Parts are inspected and charged additionally to the basis kit if they don’t meet OEM Specifications. This will take two- or three-months process.
  • Mining component outright: Available on shelves, no core return are needed. Costly downtime is limited to the time required to replace the failed mining component
  • Mining component Exchange (PEX): Available ready to be send, component PEX limit downtime and reduced component costs. We send you mining component unit shipped for quick change out and customer core is sent to Haladjian rebuild center. We repair and service to OEM specifications.

Want to know more about our africa mining services, our mining rebuild program or our Caterpillar® mining equipment, read our articles that deal with these topics. Need more information about our services, check what we do in terms of training and assistance and in terms of stock management support and planning.

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You can contact our team on mining@haladjian.fr or on +334 90 39 39 23.

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