Team mining : Did you meet Mathieu Prat ?

Team mining : Did you meet Mathieu Prat ?

Over the years, Haladjian Mining has developed solid skills and expertise in mining industry support and assistance. An expertise personalized by our team of experts  that Mathieu oversees. He is our Mining Manager, let’s introduce him!

Mathieu Prat : Who is he?

Mathieu Prat : A mining expert working for Haladjian Mining

Mathieu is passionate in Mining industry and Maintenance Strategy.

Through is different experiences with CAT dealers in France and Africa as well as on customer side with B2Gold Corp. He has developed strong knowledges in Maintenance Strategy development and cost efficiencies. Exactly the topics Haladjian Mining is deeply involved in. A perfect match!

Customer orientated and having a very good experience in Mining Industry, he is busy developing a strong organization to be sure that Haladjian Mining will support mining companies as best as they deserve to. All the best for him and his team!

You can contact our team on or on +334 90 39 39 23.

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