Team mining- Did you meet Basuki Rahmadi?

Team mining- Did you meet Basuki Rahmadi?

Basuki is our Senior technical expert – Drill product, let’s introduce him !

Who is he? 🕵️
Basuki is our drilling expert! He’s working in the Mining industry for more than 20 years in country and overseas.
Through his different experiences for some big names of mining products like Caterpillar®, Sandvik® and Epiroc® he developed strong knowledges in this industry. In the last 10 years he’s focusing on the drilling sectors, blast and holes, exploration and grade control for surface and underground mining.

In our organisation, he’s providing technical support to the customers to determine the best drilling solutions (drilling parts, components and rock tools) and he’s performing site audits.
He can provide full support to the clients on proper preventive maintenance and best practices on the drilling machines. He also provides technical and maintenance training for the customers to support their need on the people development.

So if you have any needs on drilling, our drilling expert can help you! Contact us at

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