Let customers focus on their core business, with optimum budget planning, high machine availability and OEM standards.


Haladjian has developed a full range of mechanical services to let the customers focus on their core business. We offer cost-effective, OEM standard labour support for all your planned and unplanned maintenance needs. From punctual mechanical assistance to custom service contracts we provide multi-brand service for all your equipement : CATERPILLAR®, KOMATSU®, VOLVO®

  • Tailored made approach
  • Result and efficiency oriented
  • We guarantee that it uses only  genuine replacement parts.


  • Experienced Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Accredited Supervision

Need express mechanical labour options ?

We offer 24/7 maintenance solutions throughout Western Africa. Haladjian has the ability to provide maintenance staff with the equipment and industry knowledge and experience. Our services are designed to keep your equipment running around the clock. Whether you require maintenance or repairs, our highly skilled tradespeople can ensure top quality work and a timely turnaround. No risk, all is assured a safe and professional manner, and in accordance with OEM standards.

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