Differential 1049410 rebuilt for Dumper 777D FKR

Differential 1049410 rebuilt for Dumper 777D FKR

A differential is a gear train with three drive shafts. Differentials are used in mining motor vehicles to allow the wheels at each end of a drive axle to rotate at different speeds while cornering. It transfers the engine’s power to the wheels while still allowing them to rotate at different speeds when required. Differentials also provide a gear ratio between the input and output shafts.

The system allows the drive wheels to turn at different speeds when the mining vehicle is negotiating a turn. In a turn, the outside wheel must travel faster than the inside wheels.

The main mechanical components of a differential are the ring and pinion gears. The ring gear is attached to the carrier assembly, and inside the carrier is a set of smaller gears called spider gears that provide the differential action. The differential is found in the front-or rear-axle assembly on all late-mining dumpers 777D FKR.

Differential 104-9410 : Available. Departure from France.

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    Dumper 777D FKR’s Differential 104-9410

    Differential components must be replaced when they break down because of wear or excessive use. Haladjian Mining helps mining companies better manage the lifespan of mining machines and improve their productivity by providing differential parts and components. Utilizing a refurbished Dumper 777D FKR differential can prevent extended production stoppages caused by machine downtime.

    Haladjian Mining is a mining company that can help you keep key elements of the Dumper 777D FKR in good condition through the supply of mining wear partsmechanical parts and mechanical components spare parts.

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