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Our team of mining experts in Africa

Our team of mining experts in Africa

Our various experts are present in Burkina Faso, in Ouagadougou. They allow our customers to have a mining expert able to answer the problems concerning their mining machines.

Discover the specificities of our experts

We will introduce you to our mining experts who will be available to advise you on your different types of mining equipment: heavy mining equipment, mining drilling machine, excavator undercarriage, underground mining, ground engaging tools, etc.

Vincent : he is a mining area manager. He will help you find the best products and services for your mining equipment. You can discover a complete article about Vincent. His field of action covers Guinea, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Saiouba: he knows the Ouagadougou warehouse like the back of his hand! He is a warehouse clerk and is in charge of preparing your products so that you receive them as quickly as possible. He prepares mechanical parts, GETs, undercarriages,components, mining wear parts. All these mining products are then sent toyour workshops to be assembled on your mining machines.

Claude: he is responsible for logistics and customs. He makes sure that the transport of goods is done in the best possible conditions. It allows a reduction of the delivery times and costs. He also takes care of the international transport of goods.

Alpha : he is a driver and plays an important role in the delivery of our mining products.

Tidiane: he is responsible for the Ouagadougou warehouse and ensures that mechanical parts, mining components, mining wear parts and mining undercarriage are stored in the best conditions and can be available when our customers need them.

Adja: she is an accounting assistant. She manages the suppliers’ invoices and takes care of the payments and transfers.

Rosalie : she is an administrative and customs assistant. She works closely with Claude and makes sure that our mining products are delivered to our customers in good conditions, also when it is a reception or an international sending.

Séverin : he is a cart driver. He ensures the movement of our mining products within our warehouse in Ouagadougou. This allows our team to manage the shipment of our mining products.

Our team offer you 24/7 maintenance for your mechanics mining equipment in West Africa.

Back in pictures on a mining drilling machine maintenance

Back in pictures on a maintenance performed by our drill expert, Basuki.His presence on site allowed:To check the condition of the drillImprove the efficiency of the maintenance teamImprove operating practicesImprove the selection and inspection of Rock Drilling Tools

His presence on site allowed:

✔️To check the condition of the drill
✔️Improve the efficiency of the maintenance team
✔️Improve operating practices
✔️Improve the selection and inspection of Rock Drilling Tools

Basuki’s mining expertise and extensive knowledge are invaluable to Haladjian and its customers. Thank you Basuki!

Read more about our maintenance for mechanics mining equipment.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information at

maintenance for mechanics of mining equipment

Extend the life of your mining machinery engines

To extend the life of your mining machinery engines, we have developed mining rebuild products like our mid-life kits for mining machines. Discover Haladjian’s rebuild program for the aggregates industry.

One of our customers present in West Africa decided to use our mining rebuild products to extend the life of their engines. Thanks to our mid-life kits, it is possible to maintain your engines on your mining machines and thus allow them to remain efficient.

This mid-life kit is complete, it contains:✔️Starter
✔️Engine harness
✔️Water pump
✔️Fuel transfert pump

You want this kit too? Contact us and discover more about Haladjian’s rebuild solutions for mining machines and mining equipment.

Discover some of our others products: mining undercarriage, mining mechanical parts, mining wear parts. Have you heard about our mid-life kits for mining machines’engines? Read more about this specific mining rebuild product

engine mining rebuild mid life kit


Let’s see what Haladjian Mining is capable of.

More than being a GET and Tracks supplier, Haladjian Mining is capable to provide for all the customers needs.
We have selled 2 generator sets of 500KVA for one of our customer in Guinea.

Those generators will power supplied the camp, administration, and workshop in a remote area for a mining project on Nimba mountain in Guinea.
New and well packed, the generators are ready to be shipped.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for more information.

Generator group

Underground mining buckets

As part of the signing of our VMI, Ground engine tool (GET) and Tracks contract in Guinea, our team is fully committed to the conversion of 15 Machines.
✅ Lip conversion in ESCO 75SV2 in PC2000
✅ Lip conversion in ESCO 70SV2 in 374 F
✅ Welder Training
✅ GET and tracks Measurement
✅ GET and tracks management

Thanks to our customer for his trust!


Some pictures of our great team in Guinea.
Karamo Kaba our stock VMI manager and marcelo lima our welder technician realize an inspection of all the converted buckets.

Words of the week by Karamo : ‘’ With #Haladjian is not only about converting the buckets or supplying undercarriages group but it’s also inspecting all the converted buckets inside the different pit.’’

Thanks Karamo for these pictures.

Track control

Haladjian Expertise hits once again!
Our undercarriage expert and our area manager have done a track control on a PC800-8 while the machine has engine breakdown for one of our customers in west Africa.

They have done wear monitoring on idler, sprockets, shoes, links, bushing, upper rollers, track rollers.

The verdict was tracks rollers were severely worned on the flange due to application and because the machine had no guards.

After this checking, here is our advices:
✔️Some procedure for the driver needs to be implemented to minimize the impact on track rollers while using the machine.
✔️Put guards and maintain in good condition to protect track rollers.

So, now, we need to follow up after 2 months of use once the machine will be back to work.

Good job mining team !

track control on a PC800-8

Underground mining buckets

Some time ago, we talked about our undergound mining buckets that we delivered and installed for one our mining customers.
You remember those beautiful red buckets?
After delivery, installation, technical inspection and team training. One of the LH621 buckets is working.

For the past month, our client has seen his activity increase:
✔️ Loading 20-22 tons with our underground mining bucket against 13-15 tons with the original.
✔️Also, there is a better penetration.

So many positive points, our customer is satisfied!

You want theses buckets too? Contact us

Underground mining bucket

Underground solution

Do you remember? A few months ago, we shipped 4 underground mining buckets to one our customers in Mali.
One of these 4 buckets has just been started up!
What we did:
✔️Installing the bucket on the machine
✔️Technical inspection of the bucket after one night in production
✔️Training of maintenance teams in the maintenance of ESCO Corporation Ultraedge GETs

Big up to Sébastienadrien and Alexandre for this job! And thanks to our customer for his trust!

Thanks to our customer for his trust !

Underground mining buckets

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