Engine 3508 3311423

Engine 3508 3311423

Arrangement 331-1423

For Dumper 777 D FKR.
Rebuilt. Engines are bench test twice to insurance optimal quality.
Available. Departure from France.

The 3508 engine of the Caterpillar Dumper 777D FKR is a critical component of your dumper truck. It features a V8, four-stroke diesel engine. Its maximum power is 1000 HP and minimum 680 HP. The engine is cooled thanks to a Turbocharged Aftercooled cooling system. The engine has a Counterclockwise rotation system.

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    The 3508 engine is renowned for its reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency. It offers various attachments and configurations to suit diverse mining tasks. The engine has control systems like Air-fuel ratio control, Mechanical speed control and Governor control.

    When rebuilt by our mining experts, the engine retains its initial characteristics while guaranteeing an extended usable lifespan. The reconditioning and modification of the  3508 for Dumper 777D FKR engine restore its original performance, enabling our clients to maintain high productivity while efficiently managing their mining equipment and components.

    Haladjian Mining specializes in mining equipment maintenance, the supply of mining spare parts, and mining component rebuilding programs. Take advantage of our expertise in mining machinery mechanics and components to optimize the performance of your mining equipment, particularly dumper trucks 777D FKR.

    Need more information about how we can help with your Caterpillar 777D FKR dumper truck? Read more about our supply of mining mechanical parts, of spare parts for mining equipment , of mechanics mining equipment and our service of mining component program.

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