Haladjian puts Women of the Group in the spotlight!

Haladjian puts Women of the Group in the spotlight!

Today it’s International Women’s Day, the Haladjian Group highlights some women working within. Discover the testimony of Chaimae G, a young woman working in a male environment as a Mining Coordinator of the Haladjian Mining department.

Mining Coordinator at Haladjian Mining

I am 21 years old. Passionate about languages, I passed a Literature high level, then I turned to an International Trade BTEC. During my BTEC, I did training courses and prepared myself especially for the professional world and trade. I have been working at Haladjian Mining for almost 2 years now !

Can you quickly describe your position ? What do you like most in it ?

I am in charge of Service reports, Technician’s business trips, calls for tenders. I also coordinate the missions. I work directly with the Haladjian Mining Manager and General Management to set up projects and facilitate communication with customers, processing requests, enliven the Service…

What I like about my job is the specificity of this field. Indeed, working in the distribution of mining mechanical parts for construction and mining equipment is a very special field and I love it! It opens eyes to a whole new world to discover, and the experience is very enriching.

You evolve in a very male environment; how do you live with it ? Did you have to impose yourself or did you find your place naturally ?

“I live it very well, it is true that it is a very male environment, but being a woman does not in any way hamper my integration into the company. I found my place very naturally.

What advice would you give to young women who will soon enter the world of work ?

Especially not to undermine your mind ! Don’t give up and keep going. I had lost hope after my BTEC because I had difficulty finding a job, but I did not get demoralized. I thought that being young and without real experience of the world of work, I would not find anything.

Today I have a job that fascinates me and allows me to learn every day. I am proud of what I have accomplished, and I can say that I am proud of myself! Do not give up! Being a girl in this business has a ton of advantages contrary to what we may think. This is a field that is becoming more and more feminine and I think it is absolutely fantastic !

We thank Chaimae G. for her testimony, the time she took to answer these few questions and for her message full of kindness for you young ladies!

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