Our solutions to improve operational safety for mining operations and radiation protection of the mining sites

Radiation protection of the mining sites

For workers in the world’s mining industries, worker exposure to radiation is a serious issue. To minimize health risks, the radiation need to be control and monitor.

The principal methods to minimize radiation exposure are to implement and maintain the ALARA principle:

  • reduce the time near
  • increase the distance from areas where exposure is possible.

In mines, active control and individual monitoring are required to ensure worker doses are kept below specified annual limits.

How to control and monitor?

Radiation dosimeter

With our 100% DIGITAL SOLUTION FOR RADIATION PROTECTION Rium by Icohup. Radiation dosimeter Rium measures the dose rate and provides spectrometric information. Gamma spectrometry allows to identify the radiation but also to measure the real dose rate. Minimize exposure and enhance safety:

  • Individual radiation dosimeter
  • Stationery radiation dosimeter measure radiation exposure in workplaces.

Potential applications : control of ambient dosimetry, decay measurement (waste storage…), airborne detection (UAV…), onboard detection (van, truck…), detection of leaks/failures, internal security…

Our radiation dosimeters provide 3 important information for radiological monitoring : Counting, Dosimetry, Spectrometry. Thanks to BLE and Micro USB connection, Rium can fit any type of network infrastructure (wired or wireless).

Thanks to its connectivity it can be easily connected to any existing network infrastructure (Wifi, 4G, Ethernet…). 

A real time monitoring platform

Easy to use and intuitive, Rium web application (available in SaaS or in local mode) represents a true decision-making tool. All data collected on field are uploaded, displayed and tracked. Geolocation and mapping allow to have a clear vision of your stationery or mobile sensor network. Alerts are generated automatically and data export very easy.

Safe work practices

The choice of personal protective equipment (PPE) that may be required will depend on the type and amount of potential exposure. PPE that is likely to be used includes overalls, safety glasses, P2 dust mask, safety boots and gloves.

Lighting and Signage

Complete HELLA

Cab equipment and On-site safety

A retravailler


  • Complete range of heavy-duty alarms and reversing radars


  • Broad selection of camera systems available: fixed, articulated, multi-camera, 360°, wireless,…


  • Complete range of ergonomic and comfortable seats adapted to the working conditions of mines and their vibrational requirements
  • We offer original seats or those from leading OEM manufacturers such as Grammer®, Isri®, Kab Seating®, Sears®, …
  • Manufactured as per ISO 6683 and ISO 7096 international standards for maximum safety


  • Broad selection of wheel chocks for machinery up to more than 700T
  • Dyneema® traction cables up to 400T
  • Hydraulic lifting: hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, …

Waste management

A créer