Team miningšŸ”Ž Did you meet Vincent Soulama

Team miningšŸ”Ž Did you meet Vincent Soulama

Do you know Vincent? Vincent is one of our Mining Area Managers for West Africa.

Vincent is part of our mining experts who help you find the best products and services of the mining industry.

Vincent is an industrial engineer, but he is also passionate about everything that is closely or remotely related to mining, construction, and environment.

To grow professionally, Vincent joined Haladjian in 2018 as Mining Area Manager and today, is in charge of Burkina-Faso, Guinea and Niger.

Thanks to his knowledge and experience, Vincent is now able to implement technical, logistical, and organizational solutions to support his customers in their performance objectives. On the family of products, and the range of services offered by Haladjian Mining, he can propose to customers technical and economical solutions to reduce operating costs and increase the availability rate of the machines. His presence in the field is invaluable for our teams as he can carry out a project and interventions on a mining site, on a technical, human, and economic level.

bucket mining exclavators

On a typical day, Vincent plays an important role with our customers. He develops customer projects and proposes the most appropriate solutions to ensure their production and customer satisfaction.

His little secret?

He is a fan of mining machines! But he has a little favorite… It is the 6020B hydraulic excavator. We’ll introduce you to it in a future article šŸ˜Š

You can see from these pictures how invested Vincent is in his work. Thank you, Vincent, for all you do! 

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